Evaluating Social Promotion Platforms: 6 Signs of Life to Consider

Social media is not about technology, it's about life! No matter how sophisticated the technology may be behind a social promotion provider, if there's no life behind the curtain, the company is doing a disservice to itself and its customers. When considering social promotion tools, it's important... Read More

Measuring Twitter for Business: What Actually Matters

How much is a tweet worth? What's the ROI of Twitter? What's the value of my followers? How many followers should I have? What can I do to get more retweets and mentions? The answer to all these questions - NO! Yes, Twitter is still relatively new for business, and yes, many people would like to... Read More

Form Play: 4 Content Marketing Dos and Don?ts

Content is not simply king. Content is your identity as a company or a brand. Content is the online version of who you are in person. When customers, prospects, or people in general consume your content they're not getting to know facts and figures - they're getting to know you! Much like face to... Read More


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