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Why Jay Acunzo is Waging War on Best Practices in Marketing and his Career

  “Sally’s. Easiest question you’ll ask me all day.” Like most other natives of southern Connecticut, Jay Acunzo had very serious opinions on the only acceptable pizzeria to frequent, as evidenced by his instantaneous response.   He also wasn’t impressed by my own favorite West Haven haunt,... Read More

How Interactive Content Drove 250K Visits to a Statistics Website in 2 Days

  This is a story about statistics, marketing, and how we as people understand each other. I know, that seems like a tall order for a marketing blog post, but hang with me here.   via GIPHY The statistician who bets you’re a terrible guesser   People are very poor perceptive statisticians... Read More

How Enrollment Marketing Has Become Essential for American Colleges

For most colleges and universities, enrollment marketing is a big piece of the student recruitment puzzle – and it shapes their marketing strategy from top to bottom.   The reason: Today’s higher education landscape is more competitive than ever before. Data from a 2015 Gallup poll of admissions... Read More

What Can B2B Tech Marketing Learn From Coffee Marketing?

Lena Prickett is the Marketing Manager at Modbar, manufacturer of state-of-the art modular, under-counter coffee brewing equipment for cafes. Modbar is a sister company of La Marzocco.   Lena Prickett Modbar | Marketing Manager         Lena has worked in a variety of communications,... Read More


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