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How to Use Micro-Influencers in Your Social Media Marketing

What Are Micro-Influencers and How Are They Different?

Influencer marketing is now a billion dollar game on Instagram, that’s right, billion with a B.   It’s because it works: influencer marketing campaigns boast some of the highest ROI metrics available to marketers today. But its effectiveness also means the price of entry can be exclusionary for... Read More

What Makes Good Content Good? 11 Experts Share Their Insights on Content Resonance

  When you think of successful content, what first comes to mind? Is it a case study example where there are a bunch of impressive numbers and results linking to revenue increase? Or is it campaign you recently saw or experienced that just jumped out at you, made you lean forward, and put down... Read More

March Madness: Why Brackets Are Powerful Marketing Content

Ready for the madness? As February dwindles to an end that few are sad to see, in comes March, and with it – a whole lot of basketball.   NCAA’s annual national championship tournament is a weeks-long tournament consisting of 64 different teams competing against each other – commonly referred to... Read More

I Signed Up for 30 Newsletters Across 6 Verticals, and This Is What I Learned

Journalistic newsletters are on the rise this year, and both media and marketing teams are looking for ways to best optimize the channel. To get a high-level view of current newsletter trends, I started an experiment. I wanted to look for styles and patterns in email newsletters and the strategies/... Read More


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