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Real-Time Content Marketing and Newsjacking with Interactive Content

How do you win attention and overall mindshare online? You can rank well in search. You can ride viral lift from social word of mouth. You can pay for or earn media coverage, but achieving all three together is usually a pretty high expectation. That is, until you pair the advantages of real-time... Read More

Content Marketing Madness: The Bracketed Battle for Content Supremacy

For any given business objective there are certain kinds of content best suited to achieving the desired result. In this case, however, none of that matters. In this bracketed battle, there can be only one kind of content -- one winning type to rule them all, and it all rests on you! We're pitting... Read More

How SnapApp Uses SnapApp: The Personality Test for Content Marketing

How do marketing platform companies use their own product? It's an important question for both potential buyers and current customers to ask. For platform companies, however, it's an even more important question to answer. At SnapApp, we've built a platform that enables marketers to create an... Read More

Creativity in Content Marketing: How to Unlock the Necessary Spark for Success

What makes content marketing effective? Is it the technology? Is it the "virality" of social sharing? Is it the focus on delivering value? Is it the appeal to human nature and emotions? To be blunt, it's all of the above -- under the umbrella of creativity. Well-executed content marketing... Read More


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