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Why Are You Running Facebook Apps & Promotions - for the Business or for the Bandwagon?

It's a simple marketing pattern - if a target audience says "call me", marketers pick up the phone; if it's "shoot me an email", marketers start aiming for the inbox. Naturally, when "Find me on Facebook" became popular, marketers were more than happy to oblige. Today, however, Facebook marketing,... Read More

Interactive Content Shines in the New York City Skyline: The Empire State Building's SnapApp Campaign

What does interactive content look like? Well, if you've been in New York City between January 14th and the 20th, you've seen it glowing through the night sky from one of the world's most recognizable buildings. As a part of an initiative to highlight its new, state-of-the-art LED lighting system,... Read More

Social Media and Interactive Content: Why Businesses Need to Engage

Imagine a brick and mortar store without sales associates helping customers. Imagine a restaurant without a wait staff catering to its clientele. It just seems wrong, doesn't it? We expect people to be there as needed when we're shopping, and part of the whole allure of dining out is the... Read More

When Business as Usual Requires the Unusual Business of Healing

No matter how complicated the modern landscape may seem, business is still fundamentally human. When deeply trying human events like the Sandy Hook tragedy unfold, however, there's really no such thing as going back to ?business as usual. Though we all may try to be professional, personally, when... Read More


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