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5 Lead Generation Strategies You Probably Never Thought Of

Creating killer content – especially the interactive kind – is a great way to drum up leads. Adding opt-in forms in a variety of places around your website is another great tactic. So is gathering email addresses from visitors at your trade show booth, or putting a link to a landing page in your... Read More

How to Drive PPC Ads With Interactive Quizzes and Assessments

You’ve seen a Pay Per Click (PPC) ad before: Maybe it was a sponsored post on Facebook or a promoted search result when you Googled something. These types of paid media are known for driving impressive marketing results with strong ROI. In fact, Google data shows that businesses make an average... Read More

Anatomy of a Valentine’s Day Marketing Campaign

There are many great Valentine’s Day marketing campaigns out there. Each February is a marketing love-fest. But not every campaign hits the mark. Especially in the B2B space, you have to get creative to cut through the noise and engage your audience. So instead of bringing you yet another “5... Read More

How to Promote Your Ebook – A Walk Through

Like any kind of content, an e-book with no promotion plan is like a ship with no sail. Or oars. Or motor. Or communication technology to tell the Coast Guard where you’re stranded out on the open ocean. Without a promotion plan, your ebook just … floats. If you’re lucky, someone will stumble... Read More


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