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How to Lose a Lead in 10 Days: Marketing Courtship Bad Habits

So many blogs and articles speak on best practices for how to capture leads and convert leads, but I sometimes find it difficult to find the posts that point out more negative bad habits for losing leads. We all have ‘em, these bad habits, and we need to face them. Think about it in terms of... Read More

How Many Touchpoints Are in a Typical Campaign?

Every opportunity you give your customer to interact with your content is a touchpoint. When they provide their email address and click “download now” to receive your white paper, that’s a touchpoint. When they click on a link in your email, that’s a touchpoint. When they click on an interactive... Read More
Content Promotion

How to Create a Content Promotion Plan in 3 Steps

So you’ve got a great piece of content. You’ve spent time, energy, budget, and other resources producing it. It will help your target audience solve a real problem, and it will establish your company as a credible expert. What’s your plan to make sure that your audience sees the content?... Read More

How to Plan Marketing Content Around Event Promotion

All too often, marketers under-plan their marketing content for events. They promote what’s coming beforehand, but then they forget to continue the process during, and after the event. Or some combination of the above. Often, this oversight can result in missed opportunities to educate, engage,... Read More


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