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The Current Demand Gen and Content Marketing Dynamic

Which Came First: The Content or the Campaign?

“Which came first: The content or the campaign?” doesn’t always evoke a simple, black and white answer – even though it might sound fairly easy to answer on the surface. Here’s why: Content creation teams and Demand Gen teams do, indeed, often work within the same marketing departments. However,... Read More
How To Create a Poll for Your Website

Why Polls Add Value to Your Website (+ How to Make One)

A poll is a great way to give your users something immediate, easy, and engaging to do as soon as they arrive on your organization's website. Polls are simple and easy to create, but don't underestimate them! Polls and surveys are effective interactive content types because they’re essentially... Read More
How Much Content Does Your Marketing Team Actually Need?

How Much Content Does Your Marketing Team Actually Need?

Last month, Steve Rayson, Director of Buzzsumo, published a post that had the content marketing community buzzing. (Pun intended.) This post, titled The Future is More Content, looked at the debate over which content strategy is the best: Producing high-quality content or producing high volumes of... Read More
Creating A Marketing Strategy Uniting Content, Demand Gen, and Sales

What Is a Content-Enabled Campaign?

Ever heard of a content-enabled campaign? Content-enabled campaigns are a series of strategies to align content and demand generation around creating a dialogue with your audience. They help deliver content based on buyer needs and interest that encourage progression through the funnel while... Read More


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