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7 Tips for Getting Your First Speaking Engagement, and How I Got Mine Thanks to Lady Gaga

Katie Martell is a marketing strategist, business advisor, and entrepreneur based in Boston, MA. She is a frequent speaker and emcee at conferences including TEDx, INBOUND, and MarketingProfs, and serves as the Co-Executive Director of Boston Content, the city's largest community of content... Read More

What’s Being Taught in Modern Marketing College Courses?

On my marketing team, we have the following bachelor degrees represented: Elementary Education, International Political Science, Business Administration, English, Psychology and Human Development, Graphic Design, a handful of mixed communication focuses including political, media, corporate, and... Read More

Respecting the Process: What Triathlons Have to Do With a Career in Product and Marketing

957 miles. 72 races. 6 job titles. 20 years experience.   How does one person do it all?   I had the pleasure of chatting with Elisa Velarde, who currently supports marketing for Globalization Partners, about her path from sales to product to marketing, her big plans for the future and what... Read More
Personal Brand and Company Marketing: Your Guide to Navigating this Critical (But Tricky) Intersection

How to Build Your Personal Brand While Balancing Company and Comfort Level

As a B2B marketer, you’re faced with a number of branding challenges — from explaining what it is that you actually do, to making less-than-exciting (cough *boring*) industries sound intriguing. Marketers today do more than just shape campaigns and figure out how to market products and brands.  ... Read More


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