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Explaining Your B2B Marketing Job to People Who Don’t Work in Marketing

To my luck, there are still frequent times in my life when I find myself in social situations where the majority of people present are not marketing professionals – are not, bless them, even professionals who work predominantly on the web.   During these social settings, one of the frequent... Read More

How to Convince Your Boss: 7 Steps to Getting Budget Approval

Whether it’s asking for funding to attend a lesser-known conference, or a new tool/platform to add to your team’s tech stack, the skill of successfully pitching your boss is vital for career advancement.   Everyone knows successful marketers are well-rounded professionals who can point to the... Read More

A B2B Guide to Engagement Marketing (with Strategies, Tools and Examples)

  For a century, marketing and advertising were the same thing. It was all about spending money to interrupt people with your messaging, and hoping the interruption was rewarded with a sale.   The quicker the sale, the more profitable the product. The pressure of the bottom line pushed marketers... Read More

35 Marketing Tips to Make Your Work Day More Productive

You marketers aren’t just busy people – you’re jugglers.   You juggle content creation, design, distribution, promotion, analytics – just to name a few of the balls you have in the air at any given time. And if you manage an in-house team or contractors … well, you deserve a medal.   The team... Read More


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