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Ultimate Guide to Interactive Marketing

The Ultimate Guide to Interactive Marketing

  Content marketing is all the rage today. Heck, my grandparents are even talking about it!   Ok that one may be a bit of a stretch, but the awareness of content marketing is at a fever pitch.   This level of interest has grown 5X in the last 5 years to a point where Google Trends has measured... Read More

What Bananas Have to Do With Your Marketing (Seriously)

In essence, B2B marketing is bananas.   End blog post.   Alright, fair, elaboration needed. It’s not that B2B marketing is silly or crazy or chaotic (although those can all be true in some contexts), it’s that B2B marketing shares a mirrored existence with bananas, the two are inter-... Read More

How Marketing on the Weekends Goes Beyond Football

A while ago, I heard about an apocryphal (I hope at least) email strategy around sending marketing emails geared toward women during football games on Sundays. The idea being that while these prospects might be watching football, they may not be all that  interested and therefore checking devices... Read More

The 5 Fundamental Steps To Integrate Interactive Content Into Your Marketing Strategy

Guest post by Justin Yopp, Revenue Marketing Coach at The Pedowitz Group. @j_yopp   Full disclosure: I love interactive content and have been a SnapApp advocate for well over two years. I’ve used interactive content because I’ve seen it as an engaging approach, delivering huge value when done... Read More


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