What Is Stunt Marketing?

9 Examples of Live Action Marketing

We love digital marketing here at SnapApp. We live and breathe online content. But we also know that sometimes you need more than an interactive infographic to get your audience’s attention. Sometimes you’ve got to go offline … and go BIG. I rounded up 9 of the most out-of-the-box, live-action... Read More

How to Plan Marketing Content Around Event Promotion

All too often, marketers under-plan their marketing content for events. They promote what’s coming beforehand, but then they forget to continue the process during, and after the event. Or some combination of the above. Often, this oversight can result in missed opportunities to educate, engage,... Read More
Marketing Fit: A Demand Gen and Content Marketing Workshop

Want to Come to the Marketing Fit Workshop? Here’s How to Convince Your Boss

You can now register for Marketing Fit! A hands-on, B2B marketing workshop for those who are looking to make big gains on their 2017 marketing goals. The workshop will be at The Loft in Washington, D.C. With the aim to provide impactful takeaways and new strategies to implement immediately, we’re... Read More
CEB, Dreamforce, MarketingProfs Event Recaps, Plus November B2B Events

October 2016 B2B Marketing Events: A Review and Takeaways

There’s been a lot of activity in the marketing events world this past October. And while we can’t hit every B2B date every month, we gathered some really useful insight and fun experiences at the events we did hit. SnapApp’s 2016 October events include: CEB Sales and Marketing Summit in Las... Read More


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