Why Are You Running Facebook Apps & Promotions - for the Business or for the Bandwagon?

It's a simple marketing pattern - if a target audience says "call me", marketers pick up the phone; if it's "shoot me an email", marketers start aiming for the inbox. Naturally, when "Find me on Facebook" became popular, marketers were more than happy to oblige. Today, however, Facebook marketing,... Read More

Why: The Most Important Question in Marketing

?Why? is almost always the hardest question to answer because of all the possibilities, interpretations and perspectives that can apply. Data and trends can answer what's happening, demographics and surveys can answer who is involved, observations and tests can show how something happens, time can... Read More

The Geometry of Marketing in the Round: A SnapApp Book Review

There's content marketing, social media marketing, SEO marketing, digital marketing, print marketing, push marketing, pull marketing, paid media, earned media, owned media, and countless other variants, divisions, distinctions and silos for marketing. With so many possibilities, initiatives and... Read More

007 Reasons to Be Like Bond for Content Marketing

What can one of the most enduring and endearing characters in modern cinema teach us about content marketing? Is it ok to be shaken but not stirred? Always serve your audience like Queen and country? Make the most of your license to thrill? That a snappy line can be just as deadly as a Walther PPK... Read More


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