Fun Friday: Three Quick Marketing Tips from Funny Videos

With the weekend so tantalizingly close, Fridays definitely make focusing on work tough. Our minds so easily go from marketing initiatives, weekly plans, or pressing projects to visions of the freedom and fun we may be having in our off time, but why fight it? I say, embrace the fun and relate it... Read More

7 Pirate-Speak Social Media Tips

September 19th be International Talk Like a Pirate Day, and I?ve no intent on walking the plank on the opportunity. It's a pirate?s life [of social media] for me and from me many voyages of the seven social seas, I?ve gathered together the roughest, rowdiest, rapscallioniest band of tactical tips... Read More

How to Engage Customers: 4 Pre-Internet Examples to Learn From

No matter how many people say, "this is totally the new thing," nothing is ever really new - including the idea of keeping your audience engaged. Before it was happening online, savvy businesses and business professionals were listening, acknowledging and empowering their communities. They were... Read More

Content: 6 Tips Why It Works for Online Engagement

What is content really? Well, if we were to define it by how it's most commonly used, ?content? would really only amount to ?stuff. The reason - we marketers have a bad habit of over-complicating and under-explaining things. In today?s business jargon, ?content? is often used as a broad term for... Read More


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