How Social Media Criticism Can Yield Passion, Improvement & Change

We all fear criticism - individuals and organizations alike. It's not an irrational fear. Negative feedback can and does hurt. ?For some, a simple word of disapproval can land like a sucker punch to the gut. Just because we fear something, however, doesn't mean it's necessarily bad for us. After... Read More

The Social Media Age Debate: Where Do You Stand?

From a professional stand point, who owns or who should own social media? Is it a game for young, tech-savvy digital natives, or are the social seas best navigated by well-seasoned communications veterans? But is that even the right question?? Articles for young people and articles against young... Read More

Social Media Shark Bait: 5 Practices that Will Come Back to Bite You

Imagine the social media ecosystem as if you were a seal. If you're swimming with the right crowd the waters are safe and bountiful. Venture out on your own, though, or break from normal behavior and you're asking for trouble? the Air Jaws kind of trouble! So in honor of Shark Week, here are five... Read More

What Are You Building with Your Digital Marketing Programs?

  Why is your company on social media channels? Why do you send emails, have a web page, or have a blog? Are you just throwing hooks in the water in hopes that something will bite, or is each tactic, is each channel a brick in something bigger that your company is trying to build? The fact is good... Read More


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