Answer the Question! 5 Minutes With SnapApp’s New Director of Demand Gen

With summer in our hearts, and in season, we’re happy to announce that SnapApp has a new Director of Demand Generation. His name is David Cunnigham, and he’s taking over to help our marketing teach other marketers how to unleash their potential with interactive content.   To help introduce him as... Read More

June Release: Instantly Convert PDFs Directly Into SnapApps

Content loading... Please enable javascript! Convert PDFs Directly into SnapApps SnapApp's June release includes three new features: PDF conversion, selected answer state, and new in-platform notifications. Do you have PDFs you could use? Yes... Read More
Unleashing the Potential of Every Marketer

Unleashing the Potential of Every Marketer: The Story of Our Mission

We recently asked our CEO and founder Seth Lieberman to give us some insight into his journey to founding SnapApp and how we landed on our company’s mission. Today we share that story with you.   Being early is lonely.   I knew we were early, but it took me years to realize just how early. No... Read More

April Release: We Just Added Hundreds of Thousands of Free Stock Photos

One of our missions at SnapApp this year is to help you find the best design for your SnapApps by expanding the resources available in the product.   We took a huge first step at the start of the year with our Canopy release, which helped make it easier to build and turn your interactive concepts... Read More


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