How to Animate Content and Landing Pages (including examples)

Bringing Landing Pages to Life With Animation

Landing pages, whether they like it or not, are still the primary conversion source for marketers. Unfortunately, audiences are getting bored. With the amount of standard, status quo landing pages that fill their screens every day, their patience is at a serious low. We’re talking a fraction-of-a... Read More

Why I Left My Demand Gen Job to Launch SnapApp’s Interactive Strategy Team

I just left a job I loved. I know, it sounds crazy, but as SnapApp’s Director of Marketing, I had a great experience. I was running a demand generation team that I grew from one (just me!) to six. I’m leaving behind my beloved campaign orchestration, the challenge of lead scoring, and the geekiness... Read More

New Feature Makes Previewing and Sharing In-Progress Content Way Easier

When we approach our platform updates and releases, we aim to be thoughtful and innovative in our feature process. The goal is always user-focused: how to create a completely custom interactive content experience, and get it out the door with ease. This is the aim no matter how big of a team or ... Read More

SnapApp’s New Product Release, Canopy: A Whole New Habitat for Creating Interactive Content

Today is the day – the latest SnapApp release has launched, and it’s beautiful!   Through countless conversations with our customers and a wide assortment of marketers, we gathered up the feedback and aimed the Canopy release at one key objective: making interactive content creation as easy as... Read More


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