Events that Generate Real Prospects

Filter Quality Leads From Generic Badge Scans

Events are a great way to build brand awareness and make meaningful connections with your prospects in person. But a badge scan doesn’t equate to quality lead generation–it’s just a badge scan. It can be hard to separate the swag seekers from the real prospects who are ready to talk business.

Gather Insights that Uncover Intent

With SnapApp, marketers can use sales-qualifying questions throughout the event and in their pre- and post-event communication strategy to gather key insights about their registrants and uncover buyer intent. These questions are determined by your sales team, using their criteria to qualify and score leads. When sales has information about a prospect’s role, goals, challenges, or KPIs, they can tailor their conversations in the booth and after the event ends, based on the prospect’s responses.

Drive Brand Awareness

Promote your brand’s presence before an event begins. Use sales qualifying questions on your registration page to find out what attendees want to learn about at your booth, or ask if they want to see a demo in-person.

Capture Lead Data

Stop relying on names and emails from a generic badge scan. Give attendees a quiz or assessment in your booth that collects valuable information about their intent to purchase and their unique business needs.

Simplify Follow Up

Funnel lead data directly to your sales team before an attendee even leaves your booth. Create an app and connect it to your CRM, so sales can receive insights from the show floor and follow up quickly.

Use Sales Qualifying Questions at Every Touchpoint

Instead of relying on handwritten notes and badge scans to remember the attendees you spoke to, use sales qualifying questions to capture meaningful insights that get funneled into your CRM. Pre-event qualifying questions can be used on your sign-up form, and can be embedded into a landing page or dedicated events page on your website. This is a great place to ask your attendees what they’re looking forward to seeing in your booth, or offer to schedule a one-on-one demo with sales at the event.

Marketers can also use SnapApp to capture lead information during events. Use a laptop or tablet in your booth to have attendees complete a quiz or assessment instead of using badge scans to capture their name and contact information. Create a targeted email campaign to leads captured at the event, and send separate follow-up experiences based on their responses to your booth quiz. For leads that are further down the funnel, ask if they’re ready to hop on the phone with sales, and send top-of-the-funnel leads a case study that maps back to their specific goals.

Enable Sales to Close More Deals

With lead-qualifying questions, marketers can gather additional information from event attendees so that only the best prospects go to sales and everyone else goes to nurture. Instead of sifting through hundreds of badge scans after an event, SnapApp allows your sales representatives to easily identify the top leads, and begin following up with the best ones so they can start turning them into deals.

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