From Volume to Value: 3 Things S&P Global Market Intelligence Did to Transform Their Marketing

From Volume to Value: 3 Things S&P Global Market Intelligence Did to Transform Their Marketing

It seems like marketing today is all about more: more content, more campaigns, more leads, more everything. At the same time, we’re expected to drive real results that impact a business’s bottom line: marketing-influenced revenue, pipeline created, etc.


How does a smart marketer bridge the gap while also finding time to sleep at night? By ditching the old B2B marketing playbook, and moving to a world focused on valuable, qualified leads instead of a high volume of them.




Sound too good to be true? Well, we recently hosted a webinar with Marketo and our customer S&P Global Market Intelligence and heard from Senior Marketing Manager Michelle Patterson about how their marketing organization made the transition from volume to value focus.




What’s the secret? Here are three key takeaways on what the company did to get there.


Spending Time on “Smarketing”

Like so many organizations, S&P Global Market Intelligence struggled with the classic marketing challenge of getting only the best prospects to the sales team. Marketing was responsible for driving leads to sales, but many of those leads would turn out to be unqualified, meaning an inefficient use of time across both marketing and sales.


So the two teams worked together to align on a few things: What does a qualified lead look like? What goals could both teams agree on for mutual accountability? Setting them together made these “smarketing” goals something both teams invested in, all with the objective of driving more meaningful pipeline for the organization.


With a better understanding of what’s truly qualified vs. not, the marketing team was able to score leads with Marketo, assigning points for different marketing interactions and only passing along prospects that demonstrated enough interest to talk to sales.  


Figuring Out Where to Invest Finite Resources

To better focus their resources, the S&P Global team also did a deep analysis of how effective different marketing tactics were on driving qualified leads. They asked questions like:

  • Where do our leads come from?

  • What channels and tactics are driving the most MQLs?

  • Are we investing our resources in the right places?


Rather than looking at analytics as simple as performance benchmarks, the team dug into reporting and found the interesting threads and insights to adapt their strategies.



They looked at the hundreds of marketing activities undertaken in the first half of 2017, and compared those channels to how many MQLs the channels drove.


As it turned out, their digital channels where they invested a bit less time were most successful at driving qualified leads, while the ones they spent more time and resources on (events, emails) fell a bit short.


Finding More Efficiency With Interactive

With this data in hand, it was clear to the team that an investment in more digital engagement made sense. But they also faced another challenge – how could they make emails and events work harder for them?


The marketing team saw a clear opportunity to use interactive content (built on SnapApp) to drive engagement and conversion rates across all channels. They opted to start with what they saw as the most pressing to address: events.


Events represent a major time and financial investment for many marketing organizations. And seeing ROI on that investment can be tough, as event follow-up is typically a bear to manage. In the case of S&P Global, event follow-up was 100% dependent on sales, and manual entry of some data could take up to two weeks post event.


What was worse – the follow-up conversations sales had tended to be very generic, because they were based on very limited info (often, just the fact that someone attended the event!).



The marketing team created a SnapApp quiz to use at industry events – What’s Your Sector IQ? – to engage booth visitors. It ran through a series of questions that tested a prospect’s knowledge about their industry and gave them a custom result.




After completing the quiz, users received a personalized email as follow up, incorporating quiz results and custom content relevant to the individual’s sector.


The result was an easy conversation starter at the event, leading to more individuals completing the quiz and more net new leads. Additionally, the automated (and customized) follow-up email put less of the burden on the sales team, while providing more opportunities for engagement (and additional opportunities to qualify leads). Finally, the follow-up conversations became easier, as there were plenty of insights related to the quiz a salesperson could dig into.

Real Results

Thanks to their marketing approach focused on investing resources in higher-performing activities, conversion of leads from MQLs to SQLs since July 2017 went up.

And it’s not just conversion rates that improved. Because of the efficiencies gained from using lead scoring and interactive to create more highly converting content and campaigns, the marketing team is able to allocate budget and time savings to other channels (like digital).



Using the power of interactive content and marketing automation, S&P Global Market Intelligence is prioritizing quality over quantity, and driving real business results.  




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