Inbound Forms and Demo Requests

Uncover Sales-Ready Leads with Intent to Buy

Your sales team has an ideal lead profile and key questions they want answered. We help you understand their criteria and how to supply the type of leads they want.

Generate Insights for Sales

With SnapApp, marketers can use lead-qualifying questions to filter the true inbound leads from the rest. The questions are determined by your sales team, using their criteria to score and qualify leads. Through interactive marketing, marketers can learn more about their leads, including their role, organizational challenges, goals, or KPIs, so that only the serious leads get sent to sales.

Uncover Quality Leads

Separate the junk leads from quality prospects, and save sales from fruitless conversations. Use lead-qualifying questions to find out if the visitor is sales-ready, or if they’re looking for something else.

Gather Lead Data

Learn more about prospects that submitted demo requests before they talk to sales. Qualifying questions can help sales better understand if your product or service can solve the prospect’s pain points, or if it’s not a good fit.

Accelerate the Sales Cycle

When sales has key insights about a prospect’s challenges and goals, they can personalize their follow up conversations and create urgency around why the prospect should add your product to their stack.

Build Interaction Into Your Static Forms

Unlike traditional inbound request forms that deliver zero context and sometimes false leads, SnapApp’s inbound request forms use lead-qualifying questions to capture meaningful insights and qualify prospects by intent. It also enables marketers to easily disqualify the leads that are not a good fit for your product, or are looking for help in the wrong place. SnapApp offers two types of inbound request templates that can be customized by users.

Use a Demo Request template to gather the information that sales wants to know before they get on a call with a prospect. For example, ask questions about the prospect’s goals for the year, budget for a new product, and timeline for adoption. With that information, sales can focus on the ways that your product can help them reach those goals, and discuss pricing options.

SnapApp users can also customize the Contact Form template to find out what drew a visitor to your website in the first place, and what they are looking to get in return. Ask them what they need help with, and list several possible responses, such as, “speak with sales”, “product troubleshooting” or “press inquiry.” Based on their response, offer the contact information for customer support or your public relations team, and send the true demo requests to sales.

Find Leads That are Likely to Convert

With SnapApp, sales people and marketers can stop sifting through false demo requests and easily identify the sales-ready leads that are here to talk business. More time can be spent nurturing top-of-the-funnel leads, having meaningful conversations with prospects, and investing time to convert serious leads into deals that drive revenue for your business.

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