Resources for Demand Gen Marketers

Interested in making the most out of your marketing and sales relationship? We are here to help you through each touchpoint of the sales cycle and bring you closer to your next lead. Use our library of resources to bolster your demand gen programs, improve alignment with sales, and increase the effectiveness of your lead qualification efforts. Visit the SnapApp blog if you want to learn more B2B demand gen content.

Case Studies

Case Study: How Hyland Shortened Its Sales Cycle with SnapApp

Case Study: Paycor Grows Revenue with SnapApp

Case Study: Blackbaud Exceeds Sales Quota with SnapApp

By using SnapApp as part of its refined lead qualification process, Montage grew lead form conversion rates 5X times the industry average.

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Case Study: How Montage Grew Lead Form Conversions

White Papers, Ebooks, and Reports

Ebook: Why the MQL Is Broken and What to Do About It

Moving Beyond the MQL: 3 Ways to Improve Marketing Measurement

Guide: How to Generate the Leads Sales is Demanding

Guide: Using Conversational Content to Generate Better Leads

Research: The State of Demand Generation

Guide: Marketers are From Mars, Salespeople are From Venus

Question-powered Marketing

Webinars and Videos

Webinar: Sales Enablement with SnapApp

Webinar: How to Deliver Better Leads with Conversational Content

Webinar: How to Use Demo Requests to Qualify Leads

Webinar: Why Sales Ignores Your MQLs – 3 Ways to Get Their Attention

Webinar: Moving Beyond the MQL

Webinar: Why Sales Hates Your Leads

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