Unsung Heroes Research

Marketing’s Unsung Heroes – Marketing Manager and Director Challenges

Marketers today are expected to do it all – hit ambitious goals, manage teams and more, often with not enough budget or resource. We wanted to learn more about the lives of our fellow marketers living at the intersection of execution and strategy – the unsung heroes doing it all. So we teamed up with our friends at Heinz Marketing to learn more.

Which Unsung Hero of Marketing Are You Most Like?

I want to be the top marketer at this org or another one!

I want to become a total expert at what I do and come up with cutting edge ideas!

Not sure quite yet, but being a better marketer for sure!

I primarily drive strategy for key areas, with some execution.

My main focus is executing on the plan, though I do provide input intro strategy.

Improve my skills/abilities or my team’s.

Try new things/experiments in my marketing program.

A little of both?

Generating more qualified leads (MQLs)

More lead conversions

More sales pipeline

Content creation

Audience engagement

The Wannabe CMO

The Incredible Innovator

The Masterful Marketer

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