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Transforming Static PDFs Into Lead Qualification Assets

Great content is the cornerstone of a successful demand generation marketing program. Purpose-driven PDFs, like white papers and ebooks, are a powerful tool for both audience engagement and sales enablement. But often times, static content gets downloaded and ignored, never to be viewed by the prospect.

Have a Conversation in Your Content

SnapApp allows users to create lead-qualifying PDFs that engage your reader in a conversation while they consume your content. Using qualifying questions determined by your sales team, marketers can learn more about their readers before they download a PDF, including their role, organizational challenges, goals, or KPIs. That information can be passed to sales for more valuable follow up conversations, and to score prospects by intent.

Build Engagement

Add interactivity to your static PDFs and drive engagement. Use lead-qualifying questions to create a dialogue with your visitors while they read your PDFs, and entice them to continue viewing content across your site.

Qualify Prospects

Make your PDFs work overtime. Use lead-qualifying questions to turn your marketing collateral into a sales enablement tool and a lead qualification engine that captures key lead data for your sales team.

Nurture Leads

A lead who downloads a white paper isn’t always ready for a product demo. Identify top-of-the-funnel leads and drive them to view additional content to help inform their journey throughout the sales funnel.

Lose the Gate, Not Your Leads

With SnapApp, marketers are able to un-gate their assets without losing the ability to capture and qualify leads. By layering lead qualification questions into your PDFs, your audience can start engaging with your content before they have to decide to fill out a form, or bounce from the page. SnapApp allows users to place the lead gate wherever they choose so they can maximize the content that is visible to their readers before the gate appears. Once a reader has viewed several pages of your content and recognizes the value, they are more likely to complete your lead form. Not only does your PDF gather key insights through qualifying questions, but it also means that lead is probably ready to talk to sales.

Extend the Life of Your PDFs

Lead-qualifying PDFs can be used however you typically present your PDF content, but without landing pages centered around a form. Include them in your company website’s resources page, email campaigns, as a CTA within a blog, or any other way you normally promote long form content. Top-of-the-funnel content pieces could introduce more questions prior to the form, while bottom-of-the-funnel pieces could present the form sooner. Lead-qualifying PDFs are a great way to keep your audience invested in your content, and to extend the life of older assets.

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