Introducing LeadREV by SnapApp

Introducing LeadREV by SnapApp

Unleash the potential of your PDFs

It’s hard to imagine running a modern marketing department without PDFs.

We use them for everything: expense reports, final contracts, sales presentations, style guides, manuals, resumes, case studies, white papers, ebooks… the list goes on.

Anything we don’t want someone to mess with, we turn into a PDF. And we have been doing it for a long, long time. 23 years to be exact.

Is that the way we want to treat our customers?

“Here, have this piece of content. But don’t try to interact with it in any way!”


Unless you’re living under a marketing rock, you know buyers are demanding more. They’re demanding better. They’re demanding engaging, dynamic experiences tailored just for them.

There are some things PDFs are really great for. Delivering the kind of personalized, unique, and remarkable experiences buyers are craving? Not so much.

Introducing: LeadREV by SnapApp

We saw the ubiquity of the PDF format and thought: we can do better; we have to do better.

With LeadREV, we’ve created the first-ever free tool for marketers to create interactive experiences out of those tired, static PDFs – with readership analytics and lead capture built right in.

See for yourself:



Marketers can upload their existing static content and in three clicks add animations, transitions, or a lead form anywhere in the content.

With an animated PDF from LeadREV (what we call a “LeadREV App”), marketers create a better experience for their audience and for the first time get readership analytics on their static content.

Try LeadREV for free today

Think of LeadREV as planting the first seeds of interactivity. With the full SnapApp platform, marketers nourish those ideas into fully interactive seedlings to invigorate email campaigns, web marketing, events and more.


Interactive Content For All

We believe in interactivity. We believe it delivers a better experience for users and more value for marketers.

And we want interactivity to spread far and wide throughout the land. A few years ago, we were still trying to explain what “interactive content” even means – today, we see it popping up on every other “top trends” list or content preferences report.

We built LeadREV to make it as easy as possible for marketers to fold interactivity into their campaigns and programs.

Now, it’s your turn.

Start a LeadREV today and help us bring interactivity to every buying experience.

Your PDFs have been locked away too long – sitting on the shelf, collecting digital dust. Set them free by turning them into interactive experiences.

It’s time to rev up your lead gen and accelerate your marketing growth!


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