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TRUSTe Review of SnapApp GDPR Privacy Practices Compliance

TRUSTe LLC Independent GDPR Privacy Practices Compliance Validation Findings Summary
Expiration Date: November, 26, 2019


TRUSTe LLC1 has reviewed the product offerings of SnapApp, Inc. (“Organization”) as of November 26, 2018 against the 44 GDPR Privacy Practices Management Validation Requirements (the “Validation Requirements”) comprising the TrustArc GDPR Privacy Practices Management Compliance Validation. A validation review of the Organization’s GDPR Privacy Practices involves a comprehensive evaluation of practice-level measures and evidence of those measures to ensure that the processing of personal information conducted by them, or by a third party processor on their behalf, is performed in compliance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Inherent Limitations

Because of their nature and inherent limitations, practices-level measures of the Organization may not always operate effectively to meet the applicable Validation Requirements. Furthermore, our findings herein are subject to the risk that the Privacy Practices, or any component of the Organization’s practices, may change or that practice-level measures implemented by the Organization may become ineffective or fail.


In our opinion, in all material respects, based on the descriptions and supporting evidence of practices-level measures identified in SnapApp Inc.’s GDPR Validation Assessment:

  • The applicable practices-level measures as further described in the accompanying TRUSTe Validation Report have been implemented as of November 26, 2018.
  • The measures described in the GDPR Validation Assessment were suitably designed to provide reasonable assurance that the Validation Requirements would be met if the practices-level measures operated effectively as of November 26, 2018.

Restricted Use 

This summary2 of the Findings Letter and accompanying report is for the intended use of SnapApp Inc. of November 26, 2018.

  • This summary provided by TRUSTe may be used by the Organization until its expiration date listed below.
  • This summary expires on November 26, 2019. It is not intended to be, and should not be used nor relied upon by anyone other than the Organization and, as determined in the sole discretion of the Organization, the Organization’s customers, contractors and other permitted stakeholders.

1 TRUSTe LLC is an independent subsidiary of TrustArc Inc.
2 This summary is solely an abbreviated unofficial version of the full Findings Letter and accompanying report. It is intended solely for the Organization to display on its website. No modifications to this document are permitted and shall render it invalid. Only the full Findings Letter and report represent the official determination of TRUSTe.

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