SnapApp’s Spring 2016 Release Enables Interactive Content Marketing Campaigns in Four Easy Steps

Marketers Now Able to Create Interactive Content in Minutes Instead of Weeks or Months

Boston, MA – May 2, 2016SnapApp, provider of the leading SaaS platform used by B2B marketers to create, publish, manage, and measure interactive content, has delivered its Spring 2016 release.  The Spring 2016 release features a new library of professionally designed content templates and advanced personalization, along with customization capabilities, which enable marketers to directly create content-enabled campaigns in minutes versus days, weeks or even months. These campaigns create a more engaging experience with individual buyers more directly, and faster than ever before, resulting in more and higher-quality leads.

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“Interactive content should be as easy to create as it is to imagine. The SnapApp Spring 2016 release gives marketers the tools they need to dramatically reduce the time and cost of creating content-enabled campaigns,” said Seth Lieberman, CEO of SnapApp.  “Fast development of new campaigns enables marketers to stay ahead of the competition in reaching and influencing customers and prospects with interactive content that resonates with them. The Spring 2016 release sets new standards for creating highly sophisticated and effective marketing campaigns across all stages of the funnel.”

“For us, it’s all about creating engaging content that enables us to exceed our lead generation and conversion goals,” said Kaitlyn Myers, Senior Marketing Programs Manager at Qvidian. “We’re excited to see how this release will enable us to create campaigns that are both highly personalized and extremely sophisticated. This gives us confidence in knowing that our content will break through and stand out above the competition in reaching and positively influencing our audiences.”

SnapApp Spring 2016 Enhancements

The SnapApp Spring 2016 Release puts more power in the hands of marketers while simultaneously making it easier and faster for them to create and deliver content-enabled campaigns. 

The new functionality introduced in Spring 2016 includes:

  • Launchpad: SnapApp’s Launchpad provides marketers with a library of professionally designed themes and content templates to select from in the creation process. Users can choose from multiple design and layout options and customize them to meet brand requirements -- letting them bring new content to market faster.
  • Full Customization: Even after a user picks a theme and layout they are not locked in to that design. SnapApp’s drag-and-drop interface lets users change colors and add or delete elements until the content is just right, giving them unique content assets that will stand out from the competition. 
  • Advanced Personalization: Marketers can show or hide custom content based on user behavior, or data drawn from a wide variety of marketing automation platforms. For example, users’ answers to prior questions can be redisplayed later in the experience, delivering a personalized experience that converts more new leads and provides more profile data for scoring and nurturing.

Creating Content-Enabled Campaigns is Fast and Easy

In today’s global market, standing out versus the competition is increasingly difficult. Companies that are providing interactive marketing experiences that speak to individual buyers are the ones that are breaking through the noise. The challenge is creating content that resonates as quickly as possible -- in minutes rather than going through weeks or months of custom development. The SnapApp Spring 2016 release enables interactive content creation in four fast and easy steps:

  1. Choose an Experience – Users choose a unique interactive experience from the SnapApp Content Type menu. At this point, marketers decide what experience to share with their audience, whether it’s a poll, assessment, calculator, quiz, or something else.
  2. Choose a Theme -- Next, users choose from a library of unique design themes for their interactive content. Any content type can be paired with any theme, and each theme is customizable.
  3. Choose a Layout – Once a content type and theme are selected, users can customize how the content will be laid out. Layouts are used to create dynamic, animated landing pages, optimize content for different channels, and speed development time.
  4. Personalize the Content – The first three steps are all executed from the Launchpad. The fourth step takes users into the SnapApp Builder where they can customize and personalize their content. Information can be pulled from lead forms to further personalize the content and custom content can be displayed based on how a user interacts with the experience.

SnapApp provides the industry’s broadest platform for creating virtually any kind of interactive content to deliver a rich user experience. The platform’s capabilities include responsive design, pre-built templates, workflow, analytics, a digital asset library, user permissions, and simple API-based integration with marketing automation platforms and other technologies.

About SnapApp

SnapApp is redefining how marketers accelerate their content strategy, enabling them to create and deliver personalized content that engages and resonates with customers on a deeper level than ever before.  SnapApp’s interactive content creation platform enables marketers to boost results by 2-3x across all their existing marketing programs. With SnapApp marketers can create, deploy, manage, and measure a wide range of interactive content across multiple channels, with full customization and design control to ensure content will perform well on any device. Backed by Providence Equity Partners, SnapApp customers include Oracle, Cisco, EMC, CEB, Blackbaud, PTC, and Equifax. Visit SnapApp on the web at or follow them on Twitter @snap_app. 


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