Lead Qualification Platform for Marketers

Our platform enables marketers to discover the criteria for a sales-ready lead, execute marketing programs with interactive assets to collect this information, enable their sales teams to act decisively with better prospect insights, and track and report success across every stage of the process.

Deeper Insights

Get to know your buyer with qualifying questions that provide more context for sales.

Better Leads

Separate the best leads from the rest by qualifying leads faster and uncovering buyer intent.

Faster Sales Cycles

Help sales spend less time chasing MQLs and more time connecting with sales-ready leads.

More Revenue

Supply sales with leads that have the highest potential of turning into winnable deals.

Demand Generation Marketers Are Ready for Better Results

Marketers spend a lot of time, money, and effort developing and running programs to generate pipeline and deliver qualified leads to their sales teams. But they run into two major issues: first they often don’t know what sales is looking for in a lead, and they have poor visibility into what happens to these leads. Are they being followed up on? Do they turn into opportunities? This is the major disconnect in the sales and marketing relationship—marketing qualifies leads based on demographic, firmographic and behavior metrics. Sales qualifies leads based on intent, business challenges, and desired outcomes. But what if you could do both?

What if marketing could ask every discovery question that sales wants to know and surface that those leads and insights to account executives in real time? What if sales was armed with everything they need to know about a prospect before they ever picked up the phone?

It’s time for marketers to get the respect they deserve and sales the leads they need, so together they can impact the business. By aligning with their sales team to better qualify incoming leads, they can improve lead quality, accelerate the sales process, and drive revenue.

Increase the ROI of all marketing activities and surface the best leads for sales by adding question-based interaction to your campaigns. Get started in minutes with our easy-to-use templates, transform your qualification process, and start getting the results sales will love.

Turn Engagement into Lead Qualification

The best way to qualify a lead is through conversation. But it’s not easy to get prospects on the phone and often times they are still in research mode but not quite ready for a phone call. MQLs might meet a scoring threshold based on a lead consuming your content, but they reveal nothing about actual buying intent.

Open a dialogue with your prospects by layering interactivity into your marketing activities and start collecting impactful insights that reveal their readiness to buy. SnapApp helps you get highly qualified leads to sales faster, and identifies prospects without buying intent to save time on additional research and fruitless follow up.

Sales remains focused on the leads most likely to become deals, marketers can nurture those less ready, and potential buyers are engaged early in a meaningful exchange that aligns to their journey.

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