Interactive Content Creation for Lead Qualification

SnapApp’s interactive content creation platform enables marketers to ask prospects questions organically within existing marketing content and programs, gathering intelligence that can quickly qualify or disqualify leads before being sent to the sales teams.

Easy To Use

Drag-and-drop interface similar to PowerPoint enables marketers to quickly create interactive content, without coding experience required.

Seamless Integration

Connect your interactive content to your marketing automation tools to get more data for better qualification that will help you get smarter about marketing.

Track Your Results

Analyze over 30 different data points about each piece of interactive content you create to help you understand what’s working and what’s not.

Responsive for All Screens

Create interactive content for multiple marketing channels, regardless of your audience's device. From desktop to mobile, your SnapApp will adapt.

Drive Engagement and Jump the Funnel with Interactive Content

SnapApp’s interactive content creation platform accelerates lead qualification — and disqualification — with more engaging content that gathers the sales-qualifying intelligence marketers struggle to gather.

It all starts with content audiences actually want to engage with — B2B marketers working with SnapApp see a 45% click-through rate on their content, 60% completion rates on content experiences, and conversions on lead forms at a whopping 40%.

The combination of the engaging nature of interactive and the deep insights from qualifying questions that move prospects through the funnel, means you get more qualified potential buyers to your sales team, faster.

A Simple Process For Creating Big Results

The SnapApp platform enables users to build interactive content through the use of templates. Users can create assessments, quizzes, calculators, and more in as little as 30 minutes and integrate it within current or new marketing campaigns.  SnapApp empowers marketers to create, deploy, manage, and measure a wide range of interactive content across multiple channels, with full customization and design control to ensure content adheres to brand guidelines and looks great on any device.

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