Get Great Leads without the Guesswork

Convert and Qualify More Leads

When you ask prospects to fill out a form, what do they get in return? Change the nature of the conversation by providing value first. Use SnapApp to ungate your content, ask meaningful questions, and convert prospects to leads when they’re ready.

Ungate Existing Content

Anywhere you're already driving traffic—your blog, your PDF assets, landing pages. Move the lead gate to engage before you convert.

Add Qualifying Questions

Give your prospects a voice. Instead of guessing their priorities and level of intent, ask them while they consume your content.

Capture Engaged Leads

You offer more value by sharing your content without a gate. More prospects convert to leads when you show a form later in the process.

Customize the CTA

Show them the next relevant piece of content. Or suggest a demo request form. Let their responses guide their next steps.

How SnapApp Works

Embed qualifying questions for prospects wherever you get the most traffic—your blog, landing pages, and resource center.

Our simple question apps work with your website, campaign landing pages, your blog, or replace static PDF ebooks, reports, and white papers.

Typical activity-based lead scoring can tell you if someone viewed a page or downloaded a PDF, but not whether they’re ready to talk to sales.

SnapApp helps you jump start the discovery process and identify qualified leads faster. Your prospects get a voice and a better buying experience, and you get actionable insights.

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Why Questions Make the Difference

Marketers have lots of ways to learn about their audience. The right data can transform your segmentation, messaging, and campaigns. And there’s lots of ways to get it. But not all data is created equal.

Whether your data points include activity-based lead scoring models, third-party data enrichment solutions, or good old-fashioned prospecting legwork, the marketer remains an outside observer.

We are in the age of declared data. And it’s time to let your prospects do the talking.

Change how you engage with prospects by asking questions tailored to understand their pains, priorities, and buying intent. Use their responses to inform and transform your demand gen and nurture campaigns, and create a better buying journey.

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