Customer Success

Your Success Is Our Success

During the first few months of SnapApp, our customer success team is dedicated to helping new users become comfortable with creating and planning interactive content. To truly be adopted and get the most out of the SnapApp platform, the team outlines customized roadmaps as well as quarterly plans and a directional visions while serving as an educator of best practices.

With SnapApp you don’t just get a platform, you get a partner. Thousands of pieces of interactive content have been created and our strategy team is here to help customers make their own!

What it is the SnapApp Customer Success Program?

Our customer success program is aimed at creating a mutual partnership that will provide support and actionable advice to help you conquer marketing challenges.

As a partner we provide:

  • Hands-on onboarding
  • Ongoing technical support
  • Strategic sessions to help you ideation and strategize
  • Provide interactive content best practices
  • Three different support teams:
    • Interactive Marketing Strategy (IMS) Group
    • Customer Support Services
    • Account Management

Benefits of the SnapApp Customer Success Program

Personalized Strategic Advice

Our IMS group will provide SnapApp platform consulting, content ideas, and insights into best practices catered to your business.

Enhanced Interactive Experiences

A dedicated SnapApp advisor will walk through your content ideas and help you map out the best possible way transform it into interactive.

Programmatic Content Production

Your Interactive Marketing Strategist will help you integrate SnapApp across your marketing efforts to create an engaging user experience, drive consistent results, and increase conversions.

What You Can Expect in Your First 90 Days

Within your first 90 days as a SnapApp customer, we provide you with the tools, skills, and people to ensure you are properly onboarded and set up for success, including:

  • A training period with a heavy focus on quick content creation and developing a scalable model for easy future publishing.
  • Development of onboarding goals, interactive strategy blueprint, and your interactive maturity plan

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