Align Your Sales Qualification Process

Understand the Sales Qualification Process

Your sales team has an ideal lead profile and key questions they want answered. We help you better understand how to qualify leads based on the sales team’s criteria by providing you with the necessary resources to supply them with not only high-quality leads, but leads they want.

Improve Sales and Marketing Alignment

Create a shared vision for lead qualification and start generating more opportunities.

Get Aligned with Sales

SnapApp provides templates and tools for your sales team to provide feedback and input in a constructive and non-confrontational way.

Develop Qualifying Questions

Your sales team’s input will provide guidance for developing a bank of qualifying questions you will then incorporate into future campaigns and content, and use to create dialogue with prospects.

Close the Loop

Things change, so SnapApp will help you continue the feedback loop over time for new reps, new feedback, and new launches.

Optimize Your Lead Lifecycle

Your sales team doesn’t want MQLs. They want deals. Getting their input on lead qualification during your onboarding process enables you to rapidly improve your qualification abilities and deliver the leads sales wants.

Your Lead Qualification Platform

SnapApp allows you to create lead-qualifying PDFs that engage your readers in a conversation while they consume your content. By leveraging sales-qualifying questions, determined by your sales team, you can learn more about your readers before they download a PDF, including their role, organizational challenges, goals, or KPIs. That information can be passed to sales for more valuable follow up conversations, and to score prospects by intent.

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