Enable Your Sales Team

Providing Your Sales Team with Prospect Insights

Provide sales with deep buyer insights and context for more productive sales calls before they even get on the phone. These insights are akin to giving your sales team the answers to the test. Create a positive feedback loop on lead readiness, quality, and outcomes, and improve your B2B sales process as a result.

Help Sales Focus Their Aim

If sales is the growth engine for your business, then SnapApp is the rocket fuel for your sales team.

Revv Up Sales Follow Up

Ensure the most promising leads get attention right away by notifying your sales team when they engage with your qualification questions.

Capture Better Data

Feed question and answer data into your CRM to create a more detailed record on every prospect, and help sales tailor their approach.

Start a Cycle of Improvement

Collect sales feedback on lead quality and relevance to keep refining your qualification approach and targeted marketing activities. Get better every month.

Answers to Qualifying Questions Become Sales Fuel

Give your sales team the ability to quickly engage with prospects who show the strongest signals of buying intent instead of sending them into a nurture stream. Sales will get instant notifications about these leads, coupled with useful insights. The best leads go right to sales so they can start a real conversation.

Through our CRM integration, SnapApp can easily show key qualification information to your sales team. Your sales team can see exactly how prospects responded to qualifying questions, and you will gain a deeper understanding of how answers to your sales-qualification questions correspond to sales readiness and need for additional nurture. Incorporate these insights into future campaigns to make them more effective.

Close the Lead Quality Gap

Soliciting input from your sales team about the qualified leads you deliver is an effective way to reinforce your marketing and sales alignment. Sales will quickly learn to expect leads enriched with prospect information that you can’t find anywhere else.

Keep the information exchange going to increase your lead intelligence and continuously level up your qualification game.

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