Execute Your Demand Gen Marketing Strategy

Accelerate Time to Value with Interactive Marketing

Quickly publish interactive assets that drive prospect conversations and generate leads sales will love. Save time and align your sales and marketing teams with templates that will seamlessly fit into your existing marketing programs.

A Platform That Fits Into Your Process

Enhance marketing activities you already engage in, no special skills needed.

Plug Into Any Marketing Activity

Webinars, blogs, landing pages, and more—SnapApp easily incorporates into top marketing activities, adding interaction and speeding up lead qualification.

No Developers, No Designers

Our templates are ready to use and easy to customize with your branding and qualification questions. No need to design or code, just pick your template, your questions, and publish.

Get Started in Minutes

Connect SnapApp to your marketing automation platform and CRM to start turning your content assets into lead insight generation machines for your sales team.

Improve Lead Qualification with Ready-to-Go Templates

Demand gen marketers are master jugglers. They balance lots of programs and activities with a variety of outcomes, outputs, and expected time to results. Rather than becoming just one more tool to clutter your martech stack, SnapApp enhances your existing programs and assets, making them more effective at generating and qualifying leads.

Your time is precious and limited. Increase the effectiveness of any marketing activity with pre-built templates that help you stick to what works. You will qualify leads faster and better, enabling better follow up from sales, and fill the pipeline with real opportunities.

Simplify Your Approach to Demand Gen Marketing

The power of interaction transforms our customers’ demand gen efforts every day. There’s no need to build complex, resource-intensive interactive experiences that require custom development to get results.

By engaging your prospects in a dialogue, you can quickly uncover their intent to buy, qualify the ones with the most potential, and disqualify the rest. Save valuable time for both the prospect and your sales team by moving the right conversations forward and focusing on creating opportunities instead of MQLs.

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