SnapApp for Agencies

Delivering measurable output while driving revenue.

Improve Business Outcomes for Your Clients

Clients aren’t just asking for leads anymore, and savvy agencies know to track the leads they supply through to opportunities and actual revenue to demonstrate the value they bring to the table.

The most successful agencies know this: their revenue growth requires their clients’ results. Your clients no longer have a “set it and forget it” attitude about their agency projects. They expect an ongoing partnership that continuously delivers measurable output and ultimately drives revenue.

Helping Your Agency Generate The Right Leads

Improve the effectiveness of existing content and campaigns with SnapApp, and produce results even before you produce new deliverables.

Deliver Client Value

Align with their sales team to develop criteria for the best leads and use it to fuel content, campaigns, and qualification questions.

Improve Lead Qualification

Ensure you deliver the most qualified leads to your clients. Identify leads with buying intent and fast-track them to sales for follow up.

Get to Results Faster

Reduce time-to-qualification by drawing in prospects through dialogue. Calibrate your conversations to leverage buyer intent.

How Our Platform Aligns Marketing Campaigns and Business Goals

SnapApp helps marketers deliver the leads sales wants. Our platform enables marketers to discover the criteria for a sales-ready lead, execute marketing programs with interactive assets, enable their sales teams with better prospect insights, and track and report results across every stage of the process.

By integrating with marketing automation and CRM, we ensure our apps align with marketing campaigns and business goals throughout the lead lifecycle.

Learn more about our offering for Hubspot agencies.

The Benefits of Partnering with SnapApp

Development and design-intensive projects are great for your portfolio and winning awards–but are they winning your clients new business? What makes interaction so powerful is inviting each prospect to play an active role in a two-way conversation. The simplest exchanges can yield the most significant results.

Let the leads do the talking and qualify into the next stage of their journey. Produce lasting results for your clients. All while minimizing creative and administrative overhead. See how a partnership with SnapApp can help grow your business and make your clients happy.

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