SnapApp for Agencies

Delivering measurable output while driving revenue.

Deliver More Leads & Revenue for Your Clients

Savvy agencies know they have to deliver lead quantity and quality to earn their retainer and drive their clients’ businesses forward. Demonstrate your value with lead insights they can’t get from third party data enrichment or activity-based lead scoring.

Leads That Create Value

Improve the effectiveness of existing content and campaigns with SnapApp, and produce results even before you produce new deliverables.

Increase Conversion Rates

Help clients hit their MQL goals with content that engages prospects in a qualifying conversation.

Guide Prospect Journeys

Help clients nudge prospects through the funnel with a personalized experience and relevant follow up.

Improve Lead Quality

Boost lead acceptance rates by your client's sales team with rich insights shared by highly engaged prospects.

Lead Qualification for Marketers and Agencies

SnapApp is a lead qualification platform that takes the guesswork out of generating great leads. By asking prospects qualifying questions while they consume content, marketers can increase lead conversion rates, guide the buyer’s journey, and improve lead quality.

It works with high-traffic digital content like PDFs, website pages, and blogs—things every marketer is doing already. When you lose the lead gate, or move it inside content, you can start converting prospects who are more engaged.

We integrate with most marketing automation platforms, as well as Salesforce and other sales tools.

Unlike third-party data enhancement solutions or activity-based lead scoring models, SnapApp gives prospects a voice instead of just observing their behavior. It helps marketers provide a better experience for the prospect, uncover buying intent more accurately, and increase the odds of conversion—as well as the quality of lead you ultimately send to sales.

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The Benefits of Partnering with SnapApp

Development and design-intensive projects are great for your portfolio and winning awards–but are they winning your clients new business? What makes interaction so powerful is inviting each prospect to play an active role in a two-way conversation. The simplest exchanges can yield the most significant results.

Let the leads do the talking and qualify into the next stage of their journey. Produce lasting results for your clients. All while minimizing creative and administrative overhead. See how a partnership with SnapApp can help grow your business and make your clients happy.

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