SnapApp for Marketers

Marketers use SnapApp to get better leads and more of them, all while improving the prospect experience.

Qualifying questions in your content help you understand the prospect, convert them to a lead, and respond with relevant messaging and resources.

Benefits for All Marketers

Increase Conversion Rates

Engage your prospects before presenting a lead form—show value first by letting them read your content.

Guide Prospect Journeys

Respond with the right content or CTA—a related asset, a nurture campaign, or a tailored sales talk track.

Improve Lead Quality

Capture insights from prospect responses—let them tell you what they care about and want to hear from you.

More Qualified Leads

MQL criteria may vary for different marketers, but if sales isn’t happy with the leads you send, achieving your marketing goals will keep getting harder.

If you send all leads to sales, SnapApp will help you deliver more than contact info. Based on prospect responses to your questions, sales conversations can focus on value and impact instead of discovery.

If you nurture leads before sending them to sales, use SnapApp to ensure you provide relevant content that keeps prospects moving through the funnel—and helps sales nail the first conversation with a tailored talk track.

However you generate leads, SnapApp gives your prospects a voice, so you can respond with the right content and the right sales outreach.

Make Your Content More Effective

  • Insert qualifying questions into any digital content—PDFs or web pages—to jump start qualification and discovery
  • Ask qualifying questions progressively when prospects consume your content—never show the same question twice
  • Know when leads are captured with real-time email alerts
  • Send rich lead insights to Marketo, Pardot, HubSpot, or Eloqua—and improve campaigns
  • Share lead intelligence with sales via Salesforce, SalesLoft, and Outreach integrations for better sales follow up

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