SnapApp for Marketers

Qualify leads before sending them to sales.

Empowering Marketers to Build a Better Pipeline

Whether you’re measured on MQLs, opportunities, or revenue, you’re trying to build a pipeline that sales can turn into won deals. SnapApp helps you improve alignment with sales, increase lead quality, and reinforce marketing impact on revenue when you’re evaluating last quarter’s efforts and planning next quarter’s budget.

Adding Interactive Elements to Key Marketing Activities

Interaction invites prospects into the conversation that fuels the qualification process. Great experiences with smart questions and insightful takeaways make prospects want to buy and set up sales for success.


A badge scan is not a quality lead- it’s just a badge scan. Separate the 5-star leads from swag shoppers so that only the best prospects go to sales and everyone else goes to nurture.


Dig deeper with attendees. Showing up for a webinar can mean a hand raise, but not always. Channel webinar interest into a conversation that uncovers buying intent and filters signal and noise for sales.

Inbound Request

This is the better mousetrap you’ve been wishing for. Get inbounds with insights. Not all inbounds are created equal. Filter out the noise and provide sales with context-rich leads to prioritize.


Turn thought leadership and organic traffic into qualified leads. Your blog is a goldmine of content and engagement that can be leveraged for demand generation goals. All it takes is interaction.

PDF Content

Content can fuel context. Put your best performing assets to work qualifying leads while they’re being consumed. Insert questions into PDFs to create dialogue with your prospect and discover their intentions

Website & Landing Pages

Enhance your website and campaigns with interactive assets that engage visitors in a qualifying conversation that yields meaningful insights for your sales team to use when they follow up.

Maximizing the Effectiveness of Your Existing Marketing Programs

SnapApp enables marketers to create a conversation with prospects through question based interactive assets. Interaction is the not-so-secret ingredient in our ability to engage prospects and get the key insights needed to qualify leads better and faster. The power of interactive assets is they are easily layered into existing marketing programs and demand generation activities.

We help you partner more effectively with your sales team early to capture their ideal lead criteria and help incorporate them into your campaigns and assets. The quality of your leads improves by getting exactly the insights that sales needs which drives up their acceptance rate, productivity, and outcomes. We help create a continuous feedback loop between sales and marketing to help marketers improve their programs and drive up lead quality.

Maximize the effectiveness of every marketing activity by optimizing them for qualification, and watch your leads turn into deals.

Align Marketing With Sales and Tell the Right Story

The best salespeople know how to build relationships with prospects–and that takes some preparation. SnapApp helps you pre-qualify leads before sending them to sales, ensuring they come packaged with context for future conversations. You can uncover the prospect’s business needs, pains, and intent, all before sales picks up the phone.

You save your sales team time and legwork, keep them from chasing dead-end leads, and help them prioritize the prospects with the most potential (and they’ll love you for it). They can focus on telling the stories that will resonate with specific buyers instead of relying on generic talk tracks, quickly getting to the heart of the problem and how your business can solve it.

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