Guide the Prospect’s Journey

Give Prospects a Voice and Personalize their Journey

Complicated buying journeys are stressing out your prospects.
Instead of guessing what they want to see and do next, why not ask?

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Improve the Prospect Experience with SnapApp

Get Meaningful Insights

Passive content consumption leads prospects nowhere. Turn it into a two-way conversation. Ask qualifying questions inside your content to better understand your prospects and how you can help them find what they’re looking for.

Uncover Buying Intent

Activity-based lead scoring and third-party data enrichment can tell you more about a prospect—but what do you know about their intent? Ask questions to understand where your prospect is in their buying journey.

Tailor Their Next Steps

When buyers have the right information and feel in charge of the buying process, they’re more confident and happy to work with you. Ensure you provide the most relevant content at each stage and only send them to sales when they’re ready.

Prospect Insights That Drive Results

More data about prospects isn’t enough to get better results. It’s about getting the right data—based on what your prospects tell you.

  • Better buying experience for the prospect—instead of overwhelming them with all available content just like every other business, show them what they care about most based on what they tell you.
  • More efficient use of marketing budget—understanding what prospects care about helps you make better decisions about what content, channels, and campaign types to prioritize.
  • Increased success rate for sales—leads that are qualified based on their responses can be sent to sales at the right time, and with enough background to fuel better sales conversations.

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