Increase Conversion Rates

Lead with Value and Convert More Leads

When prospects see a lead gate—they often see a dead end.
Engage them with high-value content first, and present a lead form when they’re actually ready to convert.

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Convert More Leads with SnapApp

Ungate Your Content

B2B buyers are used to trading contact information for content—but it’s not always worth their time. Prospects can start consuming your best content immediately, no need to decide whether to fill a form right away.

Qualify Your Prospects

Add SnapApp to your best content so you can ask highly engaged prospects meaningful questions that uncover their pains, priorities, and intent. Don’t just give them something to read. Start a conversation.

Let Form Follow Value

Move lead forms inside your content. Once your prospect has gotten value from your high quality content, you’ve earned the right to ask for their information. And now, they’re more likely to convert.

Convert Engaged Prospects

Demand gen marketers have to balance lead quality and quantity—but your MQL goal is your MQL goal.

Engaged prospects convert to leads at higher rates. SnapApp gives marketers a way to capture their attention with high-value content, engage them in conversation with meaningful questions, and reward conversions with more relevant content—or the right next steps.

Marketers can use SnapApp to convert more leads:

  • On their blog
  • In PPC and syndication campaigns
  • On campaign landing pages
  • In contact and demo request forms
  • In PDF assets like white papers and ebooks
  • In any content that gets traffic today

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