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Assessments & Personality Tests

What is an assessment?

An assessment is a type of interactive content where a user answers a series of questions and sees a custom result based on responses. They let you create a true dialogue with your audience, collecting relevant information for your marketing programs in exchange for personalized content.

What are some examples of how assessments are used?

Assessments can be used as:

  • Personality Tests
  • Maturity Assessments
  • Product Evaluations
  • Benchmark Assessments
  • Product Pickers
  • And More!

See examples of assessments in action.

Why do audiences love assessments?

Assessments have a higher consultative feel, as they address specifc questions and issues, and provide custom results that feel personalized. There are no 'right' answers in an assessment - responses map to different results.

Why do marketers love assessments?

With assessments, you can ask questions related to key sales criteria, letting prospects self identify faster through more organic question responses than having a standard lead form. This lets you qualify (and disqualify) leads more efficiently. Also, because interactive content is connected to your marketing automation platform, you can use the reponses to influence scoring and nurturing efforts.

Where in the funnel should marketers use assessments?

Assessments are a very flexible content type and can be used anywhere across the funnel – top, middle, or bottom. It all depends on the type of assessment you use. For example, at the top of the funnel, a more lightweight, awareness-focused personality test may get your prospects interested, while a bottom-of-the-funnel assessment could be a product picker that helps buyers choose the solution that makes sense for their needs.


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