Contests & Sweepstakes

Sometimes It Is Better To Give & Receive (Leads)

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Contests & Sweepstakes

By promoting their "Tech On Tour Selfie Sweepstakes" across multiple channels and devices, Atmel experienced a 30% click-through-rate and an 82% app completion rate.

What are contests and sweepstakes?

Contests bring out the natural desire in people to compete and win, while sweepstakes are chance-based promotions where the winner is selected at random. Common examples include:

  • User Generated Video/Photo Contests
  • Sweepstake Entries
  • User Generated Caption/Text Contests

Why are contests and sweepstakes valuable?

The power of contests lies in their unique ability to effortlessly encourage users to generate their own content for the reward of receiving something tangible in return. Sweepstakes derive value simply because of the "free" element they provide to the user.

Contests are effective because they are easy to promote across multiple channels. They serve as a way to not only get users to interact with your organization, but for users to interact with each other as well. And, since information is required most of the time when competing in a contest, they are ideal for capturing leads as well.

What are the mechanics behind contests and sweepstakes?

Contests provide the best kind of dialogue - one that starts with and is driven by user generated content. The marketer or publisher will need to come up with the idea for the contest, including the purpose, rules, timeline and what the reward will be as well.

The best prizes and promotions for both contests and sweepstakes encompasses an element of "money can't buy", which is giving something away to an individual that he or she could not, or would not, buy on their own.

How do contests and sweepstakes deliver experiences through user generated content?

Contests rely on users to upload and enter their content (whether in the form of written copy, photo or video) into the contest. You can either have the content instantly populate to the contest, or you can put an approval process in place before it is entered into your contest – then, it is up to your audience to cast their vote for their favorite contestant.

How can you leverage contests and sweepstakes?

Here’s the best part – all the data and feedback you receive (who uploaded what, who voted for what) seamlessly flows back into your marketing automation or CRM platform so you can add new leads to a specific nurture track or enhance the experience of existing prospects/customers.


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