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Rockwell Automation created user-generated photo galleries to encourage post-event interaction. As a result, they have seen an impressive 40-60% click-through rate on each gallery.

What are galleries?

Galleries provide the infrastructure for showcasing a collection of images and/or videos either as part of a contest or as a separate content experience. Common examples include:

  • Event/Tradeshow Galleries
  • Product Galleries
  • User Generated Galleries

Why are galleries valuable?

Galleries are a terrific way to engage with your audience whether you are at an event, such as “Views From The SnapApp Booth At The Marketo Conference”, or if you’re asking users to upload pictures/videos, such as a “Most Innovative Home Tomato Garden” gallery.

No matter which gallery you choose, the true value comes from the interactive experiences you allow your audience to engage with. Galleries work because they give your audience and/or your organization an opportunity to tell a visual story (whether static or in video format) from an existing piece of content.

What are the mechanics behind galleries?

Galleries create a digital dialogue between you and your audience through the use of photos or videos. In order to create that dialogue, you will have to decide:

  • Whether you want the gallery to consist of photos, videos or both.
  • If the content will be user-generated or come from your organization.
  • Whether or not you want to use a lead form to capture new lead information.

How can you leverage galleries?

You can leverage galleries by taking the content that either you added, content your users added, or both, and creating other pieces of interactive content to continue to enhance the user-experience for extended periods of time.

Dissimilar than other content types where an opinion or answer is required to continue the experience, galleries offer more of a soft-engagement where there is no requirement to answer a question or fill out a lead form. However, the option to add a form in is always there.


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