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What is a gallery?

A gallery is a type of interactive content that showcases a collection of images and/or videos either as part of a contest or as a separate content experience. Galleries do not typically require questions or lead forms, making it a low pressure type of content to interact with.

What are some examples of how galleries are used?

Galleries can be used as:

  • Event/Trade Show Galleries
  • Product Galleries
  • User-Generated Galleries
  • And More!

See examples of galleries in action.

Why do audiences love galleries?

Galleries are a unique form of interactive content in that they allow your audience to not only explore visual content in an organized and simple way but also enable them to contribute their own visual content. Users can also engage with it without the pressure of answering questions or giving their information to view it.

Why do marketers love galleries?

With galleries, you can use existing pieces of content that you or your audience created to build a digital dialogue. You can also take the content submitted and create additional follow-up content to further engagement. Additionally, you have the ability to decide whether or not you want to use a lead form to capture new information.

Where in the funnel should marketers use galleries?

Galleries work best at the top-of-the-funnel. For example, you could create a gallery filled with images that showcases clients example with your product, or you could make a highlight reel about the recent events your company attended. You could even hold a photo submission contest among your audience and display the winners for all to see.


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