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A Picture's Worth A Thousand Leads

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Interactive Infographic

Cornerstone OnDemand distributed a knowledge assessment across their social channels to promote their 'Reimagine Work' campaign, and experienced a 40% increase in the number of leads generated compared to other campaigns.

What are interactive infographics?

Interactive infographics take the powerful graphics and compelling data of infographics and add an element of dialogue. An interactive infographic allows you to ask your audience relevant questions while they are processing the content, gathering valuable data about who they are and where they are in their buying process.

Why are interactive infographics valuable?

Infographics create a visual dialogue that engages, educates and informs the audience. By asking questions as the user navigates through your interactive infographic, you turn an information consumption experience into one in which the user is also providing information about themselves.

As a visitor progresses through the content, they can see how their problems, beliefs, or results directly compare to the larger data set in real-time. Finally, the information you collect can then be used to create follow-on content (new blog posts or even new infographics) to continue the dialogue with your audience.

What are the mechanics behind interactive infographics?

Typically, you’ll start with an existing infographic and add questions and other interactivity on top. Since the infographic has already been produced, you don't have to concern yourself with creating new content and images – all you have to do is decide whether you want to incorporate a poll, survey, assessment, or calculator. Making a static infographic interactive is one of the fastest and easiest ways to extend the life of your existing content, make it more engaging, and gather more leads.

How can you get more from interactive infographics?

The beauty of interactive infographics is that, like all interactive content, all the responses you receive seamlessly flow back into your CRM or marketing automation platform. That means you can deliver personalized, relevant content to your users based on their responses, increasing the likelihood they’ll continue to engage with your other content assets and become a qualified lead.


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