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Interactive Video

Within 120 days, a single Unitrends SnapApp campaign had generated more than 700 lead conversions and contributed to $1.3 million in net new sales pipeline.

What is interactive video?

Interactive video transforms a traditional viewing experience from a monologue into a dialogue. An interactive video incorporates a wide variety of interactive elements directly into the video itself, including hot spots, questions, calculations, lead generation and more. Any video can be made interactive, customized with almost limitless interaction.

Through interactive video, marketers create a two-way conversation with their audiences and drive deeper engagement in their content experiences.

Why is interactive video valuable?

Because interactive video creates a dialogue, not only does the viewer receive all the information the video has to offer, but by interacting with the questions posed by the marketer the viewer can assess a specific problem, diagnose a need, benchmark against their peers, and be led down their content journey based on unique needs and pains.

This type of interaction keeps the viewer engaged throughout the whole video and provides the marketer with rich data to feed profiles, nurturing, and lead scoring and drive demand generation.

How does interactive video work?

Throughout a video, periodic content, questions, or other graphic elements appear on top of the video or alongside it asking the viewer to participate. All of these elements and their actions are completely customizable by the marketer, so it’s easy to add an assessment, survey, calculator, quiz or even a simple lead form right to the video.

Best of all, all this data – from lead form information to individual question-and-answer responses – gets flowed automatically into marketing automation platforms for lead scoring, nurturing, and segmentation with analytics about performance.

How can you customize interactive video?

The form and frequency of questions, look and feel, location and action and everything else throughout your interactive video is all completely customizable. You can layer in multiple-choice, survey, calculation, true-false, write-in and more at any point in or around your video. Lead generation and its location is also completely up to you – include your customized form at the start, middle, or end of the video or leave it out altogether.


How can you leverage interactive video?

Once you’ve created your interactive video, you can use it anywhere you would use a regular video to gather lead data, profile your prospects, and keep the conversation going with your audience. The data you pass from your interactive video into your marketing automation system can then be leveraged to offer personalized follow-up content, inform the sales process, or segment for drip campaigns.


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