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Interactive white papers take traditional, static content formats and transform them into experiences powered by visualizations and interactive elements.


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What is an interactive white paper?

An interactive white paper is a type of interactive content takes a static piece of content, and layers in interactive elements – like questions and animations – to drive engagement.This allows users actively participate while reading the content, answering relevant questions throughout the experience.


What are some examples of how white papers are used?

Interactive white papers can be used as:

  • Interactive white papers can be used with:

  • Market Research Reports

  • How-to Guides

  • Product Guides

  • Tip Checklists

  • Case Studies eBooks

  • And More!

See examples of interactive white papers in action.


Why do audiences love interactive white papers?

Interactive white papers resonate because they are not just another generic white paper in a sea of static content, but an experience audiences can interact with as they read. With interactive elements layered in, your audience gets to actually experience your content without being blocked by a lead gate at the start, encouraging more engagement.


Why do marketers love interactive white papers?

With interactive white papers, you can let users actually experience your content without being forced to provide information up front – this means more engagement with your content. Marketers can also lead users down a specific journey based on their answers, which allows richer profile building, lead scoring, and nurturing.


Where in the funnel should marketers use interactive white papers?

Interactive white papers can be used anywhere within the funnel, but are most popular at the middle and bottom of the funnel. For example, at the middle of the funnel, you could use an interactive white paper to showcase your company’s best practices for solving a common consumer issue, while at the bottom-of-the-funnel, you could outline how certain aspects of your products work and the benefits they provide.

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