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Knowledge Tests & Quizzes

By incorporating a "Take Our Quiz" interactive call to action in their LinkedIn ads, CEB increased click-throughs by 54% and generated $200k in pipeline within 30 days.

What are knowledge tests and quizzes?

Knowledge tests and quizzes (often referred to as trivia quizzes) are used as a means of evaluating the knowledge, abilities, aptitude, skills, or performance of an individual or group. Common examples include:

  • Best Practice Knowledge Tests
  • Skill Set Testing
  • Simple Entertainment Quizzes

Why are knowledge tests and quizzes valuable?

Knowledge tests and quizzes run the gamut from serious life-saving knowledge like the Red Cross, to more pop-culture oriented themes. Regardless of your audience and industry, you almost certainly have a view on the right way to solve a problem or address an issue that demonstrates deep subject knowledge and builds credibility.

For example, having a “Weekly News Pop Culture Quiz” on your news website helps increase page views which in turn, could help drive digital revenues, and promoting a ”Test Your Marketing Automation Knowledge” exam determines users' knowledge level, so you can more accurately deliver targeted content.

What are the mechanics behind knowledge tests and quizzes?

When compared to assessments, which have no correct answers, knowledge tests and quizzes provide only right or wrong answers. Giving your users the opportunity to participate allows you to better understand the level of knowledge each individual prospect has on a particular topic in an environment and setting where they are most comfortable.

How can you customize knowledge tests and quizzes?

There are many different experiences that you can build around these otherwise simple engagements:

  • Present a quiz to ask a series of questions and only provide the answers at the end when you give the user a score.
  • Or, you can deliver answers as the user proceeds through the engagement and also deliver additional information that relates to the question.



This in turn establishes your company’s knowledge and/or thought leadership around a specific subject.

How can you leverage knowledge tests and quizzes?

As with many of the other interactive content types, you can bucket users based on their scores and deliver customized results. For example, users who score below a certain level will receive a resulting call-to-action directing them to read one piece of follow-on content. Those who score higher may be directed to a different part of the content or a completely separate piece of content in general.


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