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Knowledge tests and quizzes evaluate knowledge, abilities, performance, and more to create a more engaging user experience.


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What are knowledge tests and quizzes?

A knowledge test or quiz is a type of interactive content that uses questions to assess user knowledge levels on a specific topic. This allows users to actively participate by answering questions related to the content.


What are some examples of how knowledge tests and quizzes are used?

Knowledge tests and quizzes can be used as:

  • Best Practice

  • Knowledge Tests

  • Skill Set Tests

  • Simple Entertainment Quizzes

  • And More!

See examples of knowledge tests and quizzes in action.


Why do audiences love knowledge tests and quizzes?

Knowledge tests and quizzes ask a series of questions to users that let them assess how much they know on a certain subject. This is a much more fun and interesting way for your audience to engage with you, and plays to their curiosity – “I wonder how much I do know about that topic!”


Why do marketers love knowledge tests and quizzes?

With knowledge tests and quizzes, you can gain insight into how much your audience knows on about a topic. You can then cater to their knowledge level with targeted content and personalized communication.


Where in the funnel should marketers use knowledge tests and quizzes?

Knowledge tests and quizzes tend to work best at the top or middle of the funnel, as an easy entry point into a topic of interest. For example, at the top of the funnel, you could use a knowledge test to assess the user’s familiarity with your particular industry, while at the middle-of-the-funnel, you could test them on how to solve certain problems and provide them additional resources to expand their knowledge.

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