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Polls & Surveys

Bizo achieved a 79% click-through rate and a 56% lead form completion rate with their 'Weekly Poll' campaign embedded within their blog.

What are polls and surveys?

Polls and surveys are opinion-based engagements with no right or wrong answer, and are ideal for simple engagements, collecting feedback and opinions, as well as gathering valuable insight from your users. Common examples include:

  • Opinion Polls and Surveys
  • Product or Feature Polls and Surveys
  • Voting Polls and Surveys

Why are polls and surveys valuable?

The beauty of polls and surveys lies in their simplistic nature as well as the fact that they can work anywhere. For example:

  • Having a “Poll Of The Week” in your blog post helps increase engagement and continues the conversation week after week while still driving leads.
  • Building engagement before, during and after events with a pre-event survey titled “Which Workshop Are You Most Looking Forward To Attending?”


No matter the channel or purpose, you’ll gain valuable in-depth information while providing a fun and engaging experience that’s inviting to your users.

What are the mechanics behind polls and surveys?

Polls and surveys can take an almost limitless number of forms and give a unique look into the core issues and problems your users are currently facing. They work because:

  • People like to share their opinion and see what others think.
  • Since polls and surveys are opinion-based, you’re getting the most honest and accurate information from each user.


The value users derive is seeing how their choices relate to others, and that simple but elegant narrative is massively effective.

How can you leverage polls and surveys?

You can leverage any piece of existing content you have to ask your users for their opinion. Based on the feedback you receive, you can send specific pieces of content through your CRM or marketing automation platform to each individual user, so they will receive the most relevant information possible.

Additionally, the responses that you collect through the polls and surveys can be used to create additional pieces of content for your users, such as an interactive infographic, interactive white paper or a metrics based blog post.


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