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Polls and surveys ask opinion-based questions to drive engagement and collect valuable insights.


What is a poll?
What’s your marketing role?

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Content Creation


Marketing Director

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What’s your top marketing struggle?

Audience engagement

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Lead qualification

Scaling content creation

Which speaker are you most looking forward to?

Ann Handley

Matt Heinz

Neil Patel

Joanna Lord

What are polls and surveys?

Polls and surveys are types of interactive content that create engagement with users through opinion-based questions that have no right or wrong answer. This allows users to give feedback on specific topics and can also see how their peers answer.


What are some examples of how polls and surveys are used?

Polls and surveys can be used as:

  • Opinion Polls and Surveys

  • Product or Feature Polls and Surveys

  • Voting Polls and Surveys

  • And More!

See examples of polls and surveys in action.


Why do audiences love kpolls and surveys?

Polls and surveys let your audience voice their thoughts on specific topics related to your industry or product, without having to worry about being wrong or right. Users also get value from seeing how their choices compare to their peers.


Why do marketers love polls and surveys?

With polls and surveys, you can get audiences opinions related to existing content and gather valuable insights. Additionally, the responses that you collect can be used to create interesting follow-on content, such as an interactive infographic, interactive white paper, or a metrics-based blog post.


Where in the funnel should marketers use polls and surveys?

Like most interactive content types, polls and surveys can be use anywhere within the sales funnel. For example, at the top of the funnel, you could use a poll to assess the user’s thought on a recent industry change, while at the middle-of-the-funnel, you could survey them on the current problems they are facing.

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