Peak Performance Lead Qualification

To understand how your qualification process is working and see what’s driving opportunities and revenue, SnapApp provides you a rich set of analytics and reporting.

Turn Conversations into Conversions

Capture metrics that matter.

Discover What Sales Wants

Validate what sales wants out of a lead and how they define an ideal buyer so you can better qualify potential prospects.

Execute Campaigns That Qualify

Capture prospect insights by adding questions into your marketing activities and enabling interaction to drive qualification.

Enable Better Sales Conversations

Pass these insights through to your CRM where your sales team can see them and leverage them in their follow up calls.

Analyze and Improve Your Results

Learn about your sales team’s response rates and engagement with marketing, and on how prospects are interacting with your assets. Dive deep on prospects and get key insights about engagement, behavior, and conversion rates. You’ll understand not just what prospects do, but how they answer qualifying questions—so your sales team can act.

We help facilitate a continuous feedback loop with sales. How does your team receive these new high quality leads, what do they think of them and most importantly how to do they turn into pipeline and revenue.

This complete set of insights helps you better understand your prospective buyers so you can calibrate content and experiences to align with how they think, while still providing the game changing insights your sales team demands.

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