SnapApp for Sales

Get Marketing Leads with Sales Intelligence

SnapApp helps your marketing team enhance the leads they send to sales. The leads are pre-qualified based on your discovery questions before they even reach you. With added context, you can customize your talk track and prioritize the best leads. See all the qualifying data right in the lead record in Salesforce.

Supercharge Your Sales Cycle with SnapApp

Increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your lead follow up with unfiltered insights about what your leads are thinking and what matters to them.

Increase Lead Intelligence

Know which story to tell your prospects so you can speak to their pains and problems directly. Improve your follow up and quickly get to the heart of the matter.

Prioritize by Buyer Intent

Use your time more effectively and stop wasting calls on cold leads. Know which leads are the best right away by getting unfiltered insights and clear buying signals.

Accelerate Sales Cycle

Connect with more engaged prospects and increase deal velocity by focusing on the leads who are ready to buy. Sell to your opportunities on value and close faster.

Tools Designed Just for Sales

SnapApp is helping sales and marketing get aligned by closing the gap between MQLs and SQLs. We empower marketers to bring sales into the lead generation process to discover all the key questions and answers you use to qualify a lead on that first call—and then ask those questions as part of other marketing programs: from white papers to webinars.

Having those key insights before a call or outreach enables sales to be hyper-efficient with their time as well as position the right product, case study or talk track to hook a prospect based on their specific challenges. It’s like stuffing an SDR into a piece of content to turbocharge your calls. SnapApp is an effective lead qualification platform with built-in sales enablement tools.

More Than Just MQLs

The MQLs you typically get from marketing don’t always fit the bill for a sales-ready lead. By aligning sales and marketing early on and ensuring sales defines lead qualification criteria, we help marketers deliver the exact leads you want.

Get higher quality leads with insights you can use to strategize. Use SnapApp to help fill your pipeline with potential deals that yield better acceptance and close rates, and faster sales cycles.

Talk to a member of your marketing team about using SnapApp to generate highly qualified leads for sales.

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