Customer Success

Partner with SnapApp for Better Lead Qualification

Jump start your lead qualification engine so you can power better sales outcomes and meet your marketing goals.

Calibrate for Qualified Leads

Get the best leads to sales faster by aligning marketing and sales with the help of our customer success team.

Quick Start with Onboarding

In your first month with SnapApp you'll add questions to your content and start qualifying prospects and converting them into leads.

Improve Your Results

Get more leads, and higher quality leads, while also providing a better buying experience for each prospect.

Manage Perfomance Over Time

Your account manager will keep tabs on your performance metrics and help you improve and scale your SnapApp success.

Our Onboarding Process

Our goal is to get you results, fast. New customers see value in the first 30 days when they start embedding qualifying questions in their high traffic content.

Your onboarding team will help you develop lead qualifying questions and place them inside your blog, PDF assets, landing pages, and anywhere else you get traffic.

We’ll set you up with automated lead data delivery so that you can use lead response data to improve the effectiveness of your campaigns, and ensure sales follows up with the right talk track.

Building a Lasting Partnership

Supporting our customers is our priority. We’re only successful when you are.

Once you complete your onboarding period, our dedicated customer success and support team will be there to support you in your efforts to increase conversion rates, guide the prospect’s journey, and improve lead quality.

As a SnapApp customer, you will be invited to exclusive customer-only webinars, and receive content focused on B2B demand generation best practices and outcomes in our customer newsletter.

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