SnapApp FAQs

What is SnapApp?

SnapApp is a lead qualification platform that helps marketers get great leads without guesswork. By asking prospects qualifying questions while they consume content,  marketers can increase lead conversion rates, guide the buyer’s journey, and improve lead quality.

How does it work?

SnapApp makes it easy to embed qualifying questions for prospects wherever you get the most traffic—your blog, landing pages, and resource center. Marketers can lose the lead gate or move it inside content, so they convert prospects who are more engaged. 

Who uses SnapApp?

SnapApp is used by B2B demand generation marketers who want to: increase conversion rates by engaging prospects before showing a lead form; guide the prospect’s journey by rewarding responses with relevant content and CTAs; and improve lead quality by capturing meaningful insights in prospect responses.

Where can I use SnapApp?

Marketers can embed SnapApps in most web pages: blog posts, campaign landing pages, product or solutions pages, and any other high-traffic page. PDFs can also be replaced with SnapApps, or embedded in landing pages to enable the prospect to answer qualifying questions while reading.

What if I want to create other kinds of interactive content, like infographics or video?

SnapApp is a simple way to add qualifying questions to high-traffic digital content like PDFs, website pages, and blogs. It’s effective because of its simplicity—your prospect is engaging with your content while you engage them in a dialogue that improves their experience and your results. For more design-intensive interactive projects, we recommend other tools.

What makes SnapApp different than other lead-qualification platforms?

SnapApp gives your prospects a voice as you profile, convert, and nurture them to becoming MQLs. Unlike third-party data enhancement solutions or activity-based lead scoring models, SnapApp helps you engage with the prospect directly instead of just observing their behavior. By inserting qualifying questions into your digital content, you provide a better experience for the prospect, uncover their level of intent more accurately, and increase the odds of conversion as well as the quality of lead you ultimately send to sales. Rather than helping you create a more detailed profile of a prospect, SnapApp turns their responses into insights that can shape your campaigns, jump start discovery, and boost effectiveness and relevance of marketing and sales efforts.

What is the onboarding process like?

Our simple onboarding process gets you to value in less than 90 days. We’ll start with a call to review your goals and set up your account. Your onboarding team will help you develop smart qualifying questions, create and publish your first apps, and keep you on track to meet your goals.

What is the HubSpot Agency Program and where can I learn more about it?

HubSpot agencies can use SnapApp to help their clients improve their lead qualification process, generate pipeline, and get results faster. In turn, agencies prove their ROI by empowering clients to drive revenue and grow their business. In addition to a SnapApp sandbox, agency customers get access to sales enablement tools, comprehensive trainings, interactive marketing playbooks, and more. Read more about our agency program here.

Where can I find a tutorial of the SnapApp platform?

If you’re interested in seeing the SnapApp platform in action, sign up for a demo with a member of our sales team.

How is SnapApp priced?

Our basic package starts at $6,000 per year, which includes everything you need to get started increasing conversions, guiding buyers, and improving lead quality. Visit our pricing page for more details. For access to more advanced features, such as single-sign on, CRM integrations, and additional user seats, contact us.

Do I need a marketing automation platform in order to use SnapApp?

Marketing automation is not required to use SnapApp, but it is recommended and most valuable when integrated. Connecting to marketing automation is the easiest way to collect the leads your apps generate. SnapApp has built-in integrations with Marketo, Eloqua, Salesforce/Pardot, and HubSpot. We also support delivery to other systems through connected web forms.

Do I need coding or design experience to use SnapApp?

There is no coding or graphic design experience required to use SnapApp, and our platform is designed to allow marketers to edit and publish apps without the help of a web team or developers. It’s easy to add your logo, fonts, and brand colors to customize the appearance of your apps.

Does SnapApp integrate with my sales team’s CRM platform?

SnapApp integrates with Salesforce CRM to funnel lead information and Q&A responses directly to your sales team. Sales representatives can also configure notifications through email, Slack, or Chatter, to get an alert each time a new lead comes through from SnapApp. Our Salesforce integration works via Chrome browser extension, which also works with SalesLoft and Outreach.

Does my sales team have to use the SnapApp platform?

Your sales team never has to sign into the platform to edit templates or track lead information. Once you begin publishing apps, all lead information will be sent to our sales widget, where sales can view a prospect’s responses and track follow up activities in Salesforce, Outreach, and SalesLoft.  

How do I track the traffic and leads that my apps are generating?

The SnapApp platform includes a comprehensive dashboard that tracks metrics for every app you create, including clicks, form views, number of leads, page drop-off data, app completion rate, and more. You can also configure alerts to notify you and members of your team when new leads are captured. 

Where are my apps hosted?

There are two hosting options when publishing an app. You can choose to embed your app into your own website or landing page using a pre-generated snippet of code. The other option is to host your app on a separate SnapApp landing page ( Your apps are auto responsive, and there is no additional configuration required to make the published apps function on different devices or screen sizes.

Does SnapApp integrate with my social media profiles?

At this time, SnapApp does not have any integrations with social media channels, nor can users embed published apps into social media posts.

Can I create apps in multiple languages?

Users can upload content and add lead-qualifying questions in any language. However, the platform does not have translation capabilities at this time.

Does SnapApp use cookies to identify returning visitors?

Yes—if a visitor is already cookied through your marketing automation platform, their information will auto-populate in the lead form within your app.

Does SnapApp comply with GDPR?

SnapApp is fully compliant with GDPR and other privacy regulations. Before publishing an app, we require all users to input their company’s legal terms and private policy statement which appears at the bottom of each app.

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