HubSpot’s Apps for Agencies Services Program

Partner with SnapApp to Grow Revenue

SnapApp has created a special program for certified HubSpot Agencies who are focused on helping drive sales and marketing alignment and expanding the their inbound marketing efficacy and results.

We’ve partnered with HubSpot to offer access to our platform, training, sales enablement, and success coaching. We want to help inbound agencies offer interactive PDFs that generate higher quality MQLs that turn into more pipeline and more revenue. Agencies receive free access to our software for their own marketing uses as well as the ability to create mocks to win new business.

“Marketing agencies—and especially HubSpot partners—have spent the last ten years creating PDF ebooks and putting them behind lead gates on landing pages. SnapApp’s Interactive PDF functionality is a no-brainer way to get a better ROI off of all that existing work.” – Pete Caputa, CEO @ Databox

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Sales Intelligence in your MQLs

Interactive PDFs are like having a conversation through your content. They give marketers the ability to ask sales qualifying questions and get the answers about a prospect before it ever goes to sales.

SnapApp helps you understand the key sales qualifying questions your clients want to know and then easily insert them into existing PDF content. You never have to send a cold lead to sales again. Sales can be hyper-efficient with their time, customize their talk tracks, and focus on winning more deals. Best of all, sales will show marketing the love and respect they deserve.

Enhance Your Inbound Offerings

Interactive PDFs are the perfect enhancement to your existing client offerings. They leverage all the groundwork you’ve laid with customers around the power of inbound marketing but take them to the next level by focusing on the prospect experience. Instead of lead-gating all your content Interactive PDFs let the prospect be in control of their buyer’s journey while still collecting the key information sales needs to have a great discovery call.

Several key features of SnapApp’s interactive PDF besides the ability to ask qualifying questions include moving the lead form, not losing it, custom CTAs, and rich reader analytics about time reading, drop off and clicks. All of these features combine to create not just a highly engaged prospect, but one that is qualified on sales intent.

Grow Your Revenue

SnapApp has built its HubSpot agency program specifically to help agencies grow their own high margin recurring revenue. SnapApp doesn’t require end customers to buy their own SnapApp license and is specifically designed to help agencies enhance their existing client offerings or to add new additive product offerings. Most agencies average a 60-75% margin with SnapApp’s PDF offering in addition to bringing new, fresh ideas to stay relevant to their customers.

Six Weeks to Success

Agencies who are accepted into the program are automatically enrolled in our “Six Weeks to Success” program that includes weekly working sessions with different parts of your team. It is a proven onboarding program that covers everything you need with SnapApp to be a big success including:

    • Detailed training in our application
    • Complete HubSpot integration training and support
    • Best practices, tips, tricks and creation consultation
    • Help with packaging and pricing
    • Customer reviews
    • Sales enablement, decks and playbooks
    • Sales coaching & positioning
    • Co-marketing & co-selling opportunities

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