Add Rocket Fuel to Your Marketing Engine

Add Rocket Fuel to Your Marketing Engine

Marketers today are looking for ways to build scalable, repeatable success into all their programs and channels – without adding another program.0.png


More Engaging Content to Capture (and Keep) Attention

In this age of information overload, getting prospects to click through is a challenge. Interactivity offers a more compelling experience to visitors, with calls to action like “Test Your Knowledge” or “Benchmark Yourself” driving much higher click-through rates than traditional “Download Now” or “Read more” buttons.

Those clicks are then backed up by compelling interactive experiences that offer specific, personalized results and answers that buyers want, building a relationship based on trust and reciprocal value. In an era where every purchase is heavily researched and carefully considered, building trust requires marketers to deliver value at each stage of the journey by creating and distributing more relevant and meaningful content experiences.

CEB - "Take Our Quiz" Leads to 54% CTR Increase

Getting prospects to engage on LinkedIn can be difficult. With the network average for click-throughs on ads hovering around 0.025 percent, finding a way to stand out and grab attention is critical.

CEB markets primarily to executives, making LinkedIn a key channel for their lead gen efforts. CEB ran two identical LinkedIn ads for their Consensus Builder campaign: one with a headline prompting users to “take a quiz,” and one with a static call-to-action.

The “quiz” CTA saw a 54% increase in click-through rate compared to the static CTA. Within 30 days, this SnapApp had generated $200k in new sales pipeline for CEB.

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Add Value (And Increase Conversions) Through Dialogue

Buyers are looking for personalized, relevant solutions and answers to their questions during the buying process. Interactive content creates a dialogue between marketer and prospect that adds more value both for prospects and for customers – prospects receive the personalized outcome of an ROI calculator, benchmarking test, or product configurator, and marketers receive contextualized information about the buyer’s interests, pains, needs, and priorities.

These high-value interactions deliver 2-3x more conversions than the typical gated-white-paper asset. Each interactive experience can also be tailored to a different buyer persona and/or stage in the buying cycle, adding the right value at the right moment.

DDI - Relevant Follow-up Increased Email CTR 17x

By combining the information users provided throughout their “Common Leadership Styles Quiz” as well as the information in the lead form at the end of the quiz, Development Dimensions International (DDI) was able to trigger preset Eloqua campaigns tied to the prospect’s assigned persona. The preset campaigns encouraged further interaction with other targeted interactive content pieces specific to each prospects’ needs and stage.

DDI understood the value of not only receiving prospect information, but also using that dialogue to deliver results in real time to address their prospects’ problems, challenges or ideas. That value delivered to their prospects resulted in a 6x increase in open rates in follow-on email campaigns and a 17x increase in click-through rates.

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More Lead Data to Nurture & Drive MQLs

With interactive content, marketers aren’t just converting more leads – they’re gathering more specific, detailed information about their prospects’ pains and needs with every conversion. This lets marketers score more accurately and more often; provide targeted nurture content; and arm their sales team with the information they need to have a more productive conversation.

And since every piece of interactive content is integrated right into your marketing automation system, you’re leveraging all your existing programs and marketing infrastructure to deliver next steps and qualify leads for sales. Let your content guide your prospect through the journey of assessing their needs and evaluating your solution – while collecting qualifying data for your sales team.

Blackbaud Beat Q1 Quota by $600k With Interactive Content

The Blackbaud University marketing team used interactive assessments and calculators to help prospects identify where they could benefit from Blackbaud University training programs.

The data collected in these interactive experiences gave the sales team specific insights about each customer, helping them identify the right topics to touch on during their sales conversation. This enabled sales to have a more direct, meaningful conversation with prospects - and it made a big difference.

Thanks to these insights, the training sales team, for the first time ever, finished Q1 at 133% of quota – for a total additional quarterly revenue of more than $600,000.

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