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Interactive Solutions for Demand Generation

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Why Demand Gen Marketers Need Interactive Content

Breaking through to audiences in this age of information overload is hard. Your prospects are getting bombarded with marketing messages from all sorts of companies – everything can look and sound the same.

And if you do manage to reach a prospect, figuring out where they are in their journey is an even more complicated challenge – did they just start the process? Are they already comparing vendors? Figuring out who’s qualified and who’s not can be the difference between sales closing that next deal or missing their entire quarter.

Interactive content offers a more compelling and beneficial experience to your audience with a two-way dialogue that adds more value for both the prospects and the marketer – your audience gets interesting, relevant content while you get insights to help you further target marketing efforts and qualify leads.

Benefits of SnapApp For Demand Generation

With SnapApp, demand generation marketers can build scalable, repeatable success into all their programs and channels – without adding another program


Accelerate & Scale Your Marketing

With interactive content, demand gen marketers can accelerate prospects through the funnel faster by giving them the chance to engage at their own pace, targeting them with content relevant for where they are in the buying journey.


Increased Data Quality

With direct integration into your marketing automation, you can feed answers to key questions right into your database, allowing you to better target and nurture prospects in follow-up marketing activities.

Qualify Leads More Efficiently

Stop wasting your sales team’s time – instead of sending over just any leads, SnapApp lets you qualify better and faster by layering in qualifying questions around key sales criteria earlier in the funnel.


Intuitive and Easy to Use

The SnapApp interactive content platform is built for marketers, not developers. Our interface is simple to navigate, with a drag-and-drop functionality similar to PowerPoint – no design or development experience required.

Better Lead Scoring

Instead of relying on prospect activity for lead scoring, , interactive content engages your audience through a two-way conversation that actually asks them to raise their hands and say “talk to me!”


Third-Party Integrations

SnapApp integrates easily with your existing tech stack, working with some of the most popular tools on the market, including Marketo, Oracle Eloqua, Hubspot, Pardot, Act-On, and more.


How Interactive Makes Demand Gen Different

With interactive content, marketers aren’t just converting leads – they are also gathering more detailed information about their prospects’ pains and needs. This means you’re not only able to better qualify the leads that are actually ready today, but you’re also able to better nurture those that may be ready tomorrow.

Because SnapApp integrates directly with marketing automation and other popular marketing tools, you can easily maximize your investment in your existing tools and infrastructure, letting you score leads more accurately, provide targeted nurture content, and arm your sales team with fodder for better conversations with only the most qualified leads.

Learn More About How Other Content Marketers Used Interactive Content

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