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Create Content Marketing Experiences That Convert

Content marketers are in a tough spot today. They’re faced with a quality vs. quantity conundrum: produce unique and engaging content, but produce more and more of it, faster than ever before.

Benefits of SnapApp for Content Marketing

With SnapApp, content marketers can build dynamic interactive experiences that get better results – helping them improve both the quality and quantity of content they produce.

Content That Engages

Get buyers to actively interact with your content and brand story, vs. passively reading or watching, by layering in questions, links, and other interactive elements into your content.

A Buyer-Centric Experience

Integrating interactive content into your content marketing strategy creates a more buyer-centric, or buyer focused, experience, focused on providing your audiences something of value in exchange for their engagement.

Intuitive and Easy to Use

The SnapApp interactive content platform is built for marketers, not developers. Our interface is simple to navigate, with a drag-and-drop functionality similar to PowerPoint and includes built in templates to get you started – no additional design or development expertise required.

No Gate, More Leads

Because interactive content encourages engagement with your audience in a very natural way, you can focus less on gating content and instead gather real insights through a conversation experience.

Multiplied Content Impact

Expand the shelf-life of a single piece of content or a theme by creating multiple interactive experiences around one idea. This gives your audiences more options for interaction as well as more opportunities to engage, resulting in greater impact.

One Tool, Lots of Content

With the SnapApp interactive content platform, you can build a wide variety of content pieces all within one tool. No need for multiple point solutions – switch from an assessment to a bracket without having to change browsers or tabs.

Why Interactive Content Matters

Today’s buyer isn’t reaching for the phone to call a sales rep to learn more about your company or solution – they’re digging into your digital presence, exploring your content online well before making a call. Your content needs to work overtime, earn the trust of your prospects, and drive them to engage

Interactive content opens up a dialogue with your audience, guiding your prospects to the right content wherever they are in their buying journey. Interactive puts the power in the hands of your audience, while giving you the ability to make personalized recommendations based on their interactions.

Why Content Marketers Need Interactive

Interactive content helps creators meet these competing needs and easily create new, highly engaging assets without investing a ton of resources. Content marketers can expand their output by repurposing existing content into net-new interactive assets (like assessments, calculators, or quizzes) that have higher engagement rates than traditional static content.

By extending the life of your content with interactive content types, you’ll beat the quality-vs-quantity debate and create amazing content your audience loves.

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