Create Content Marketing Experiences That Convert

Create Content Marketing Experiences That Convert

With SnapApp, content marketers can build dynamic interactive experiences that get better results – helping them improve both the quality and quantity of content they produce.


Quickly Create A Wide Range of Engaging Content

Content marketers are under increasing pressure to quickly produce both greater quantity and quality of marketing content. With SnapApp, content creators are more than doubling their content output either by using themes and concepts from existing content to create net-new assets like assessments, calculators, and quizzes; or by adding interactive elements into existing assets to create interactive versions of their top-performing infographics, videos, and white papers (or both!).

By extending the life of your content with interactive content types, you'll beat the quality-vs-quantity debate and create amazing content your audience loves.

SilkRoad - 13 Brand New Assets in 90 Days

The team at SilkRoad jumped right into the SnapApp platform and started creating content, repurposing existing assets and building net new content – from assessments to surveys to calculators. Within 90 days, they had created thirteen brand-new assets without adding new staff members or contracting time.

And it wasn’t just about content production – these assets delivered bottom-line results as well. During those 90 days, their SnapApp campaigns contributed over $200,000 in new sales pipeline, in addition to driving engagement on the blog and social channels.

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Provide More Value Through Interactivity

Content marketing is about providing relevant, valuable, and timely information to prospects and customers. It’s about solving problems. Interactive experiences deliver more value to your audience by giving them unique, timely information they’re looking for – whether the outcome of an ROI calculator, a benchmarking test, product configurator, or readiness assessment.

Rather than offering a 30-page industry benchmarking report, content marketers can now create distilled, high-impact interactive assets that give buyers personalized responses – while gathering contextualized information about the buyer’s interests, pains, needs, and priorities to inform future interactions.

HCSS - Interactive Campaign Generated 800% Increase in Web Traffic

Heavy Construction Systems Specialists (HCSS) created a knockout tournament-style bracket (think March Madness) to showcase amazing projects from around the country made possible by HCSS software. The bracket was a unique way for HCSS to interact with their customers and prospects, giving customers a venue to showcase their achievements and share them with friends, family, and potential clients.

HCSS offered incentives for submitting projects as well as for getting the most votes in the bracket, engaging their customers’ competitive streak and driving 292,000 votes from around the world. Traffic to the bracket increased HCSS’ overall web visitors by 800%, setting a new benchmark for the web team.

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Tailor Content To The Buyer’s Journey

Today, as much as 90% of the buyer’s journey occurs online. This degree of consideration and research requires that marketers earn the trust of their prospects throughout the buyer’s journey. Building trust requires marketers to deliver value at each stage of the journey by creating and distributing more relevant and meaningful content experiences.

Every journey is unique - interactive content enables you to deliver the right experience at the right time, using the end of the content experience to guide users to the next step in the process. That might mean recommending targeted follow-on content (whether traditional long form or additional interactive content) to address their needs, redirecting them to your website or social channels, or using the interaction data to trigger a personalized follow-up email or phone call.

Unitrends - "Disaster Recovery Superhero"

Unitrends created a personality assessment that asked users, “Which Kind Of Backup And Disaster Recovery Superhero Are You?”. They designed their assessment to ask a series of qualifying questions followed by a lead form to help them collect relevant data on prospects and customers.

Following the submission of the lead form, users were presented with their superhero personality. To further leverage their existing content, Unitrends included links to other pieces of content, specific to their prospect's persona result. In less than one month, they successfully drove over 8,600 impressions and boasted a click rate that exceeded 50%, while collecting over 370 leads in the process.

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